Murder Suspect Tries To Snatch A Cop’s Gun In This Video

In the craziest video we've seen this week - a Murder Suspect Tries To Snatch A Cop’s Gun

murder suspect gun

This bit of police station surveillance footage from an interrogation room in Cincinnati in Ohio, shows a 23-year-old murder suspect Thomas Robinson, who was arrested for shooting a teenager dead, trying to pull a cop’s gun while he’s in the process of changing his handcuffs. Luckily for the cop, he had some backup from two other officers armed with stun guns.

While trying to restrain Thomas Robinson, he repeatedly yells – “Kill Me”, proving that probably isn’t all there.

How insane was that? Also what was his end game once he had gotten hold of the gun? Try and shoot his way out of the police station? Glad he didn’t succeed and the coppers managed to get him restrained and straight on his way to a jail cell where he belongs.

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