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Tech·ni·col·or [tek-ni-kuhl-er] adjective – flamboyant or lurid, as in color, meaning, or detail.

Technicolor is the psytrance project of two South African artists Deliriant & Mad Piper, each artist has performed at some of the biggest South African festivals with their Solo projects as well as together. They are currently working on their debut EP to be released on Spectral Records in 2013.

The Technicolor sound can be best described as experimental fullon psytrance, with melodic leads, powerful basslines and hitek breaks.


The Commercial Hippies started their musical history together DJing breakbeat at various parties in and around Cape Town South Africa.

After a couple years of DJing the 2 decided to try their hand at producing and soon after the concept of The Commercial Hippies was born.

Both Anton and Gareth have been involved in music since a young age and between them have formal training in guitar, percussion, piano and sound engineering.

Their first release “Where dreams come from” on Nano Records received a great response from trance lovers the world round and instantly caught the attention of many a discerning psy-trance ear.

Since these early days TCH have grown from strength to strength and have released a number of extremely well received tracks such as “Dr.Freakenstein”, “One Step”and “When the shit hits the fan” to name a few.

After being in the studio for the better half of 2005 and the early months of 2006 they finally released their intricately detailed debut album “If you cant stand the heat, get out of the chai room” on Nano Records and have been performing on the world stage ever since.

More recently TCH have just finished their 2nd album “From Beyond” which you can find online now!

With 9 killer tracks of funked up, groovalicious, dance-floor thumping beats you can expect top quality dance floor orientated tunes which can only have come from one place and that is “From Beyond”


DALA originates from the multi-manic Cape Town party scene; where he honed his unanimously appreciated world class techniques for blending the finest selection of psychedelic beats meticulously sort out from all around the globe.

With an eclectic taste of vibing music, his main passion focuses on the groove based daytime funkedelics with bouncy baselines, tantalizing rhythms, funky leads & high-flying atmospheres. His ability to pick up from any vibe & draw people into magical journeys on the fly makes him one performer you definitely need to experience!!!!!

Born & raised into the music & events industry, it was not long before DALA got his hands on the sound control knobs – from fooling around with pitch controlled tape recorders to professionally mixing live bands – he was hooked!
As technology developed he refined his skills on the latest in DJ gear, experimenting to find what works best for his ever evolving style…

Many years on & DALA has built a solid reputation within the international Psy-Familia, sharing his infectious positive vibes at a wide range of gatherings. From private events & clubs to open-air festivals, such as: Universo Parallelo (Brazil), Monte Mapu (Chile), Moonflower (Argentina), Amazonas Andes (Bolivia), Origin (South Africa), Earthdance (Cape Town), Rezonance NYE (South Africa), Alien Safari (Cape Town), Vortex (South Africa), Groovy Troopers (Cape Town), Cosmogenesis (FreeState), ONE Festival (Johannesburg), Tswaing Crater (Pretoria), Gwaing (George), Wacky Woods (Jeffreys Bay), Aloe Roots (Mossel Bay), Psynopticz (Cape Town), Timecode (South Africa), Boomerang NYE (South Africa), Altered States (Cape Town), Organik, Get-a-Fix & many many more…

With such an infinite passion for sharing awesomely inspiring music with such beautiful peoples, there is no stopping this fiery spirit! Now setting sights across borders, DALA is taking it to the world to explore; experience & share the goodness with others…keep a look out for this beat-blending master coming soon to share on a dance floor near you soon as… ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶


David Miller (aka Humerous) has been involved with PsyTrance for the past 10 years now. Going to his first party way back in 1999 which featured Flying Rhino, he loved the party so much that he actively got involved with the scene. He finished school and decided that sound was going to be his career of choice. After succesfully completing his Sound Diploma at Cape Audio College in 2004 he branched out into Dj-ing and other side of sound (Producing and Live).

Humerous is a Professional Producer/Dj from South Africa who plays a fusion of Tech, Prog and Psy sets. With a wide range of sounds with mega Groove, Pads, Rhythm and melodic Leads.

He can rock most dance floors, loves playing opening or closing slots(Depends on the party or the vibe). Only been playing for just under a year, he has already played alongside the likes of – Ace Ventura , Major 7 , Avalon , Dick Trevor, Headroom, Regan, Chromotone, Commercial Hippies,, Xatrik and many more…….


Bernz was born 1979 in Cape Town and grew up in the suburbs of early Table View.
Inspired by the electronic scene after a night at a Vortex featuring Matsuri Productions legend, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Berns began DJing psytrance in 1997. With gigs at legendary venues, Getafix, upstairs bar and Labyrinth to name a few, Bernz proved that his style of music spoke to a wide spectrum of the early Cape Town club scene.

Bernz started producing psytrance in a modest production studio in West London in 2007 ENLARGING his empire by something something at Techno production.
after 2 years of traveling and increasing his knowledge on sound design, Bernz returned to his hometown in 2008 where he was promptly signed to Beartrap productions, one of Cape Towns premier psytrance organisations, as resident DJ.
Since then Bernz has performed as resident at most Beartrap events as well as others such as Alien Safari, Groovy Troopers, Origin Festival and in 2010 becoming resident Dj at Vortex.

Berns is described as a versatile DJ, reading the crowd, knowing how to get full impact from the dance floor. Conquering styles from full-on psytrance, ambient, progressive and techno with effortless style.
His psytrance sets are dynamic, psychedelic and suited to getting low down and dirty under the heat of the African sun.
His progressive and techno set are full of groove, always interactive, making it impossible to leave the dance floor.

Berns is a true Cape Town treasure and has shared the line up with the likes of Tron, Dicktser, Zen Mechanics, Avalon, Materia, Ital, Protoculture, Headroom ,CPU, Menog and many more.


Who = John Clark + James Donaldson //

What = Progressive Psy + Psybreaks + Psy-Tech + Day Full-On //

Where = Mungus Fungus + Alien Safari + Groovy Troopers + Psycho Stompers + 6th Sense + Equinox Experience + Psytribes //

With = Pixel + GMS + Riktam & Bansi + Sinerider + Antispin + Hedflux + Plasmotek + Bliss + Rosa Ventura + D_Maniac + Anestetic + Sinful Reactions + Tryambaka + Sick Addiction + Wired + Sonic ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀


09:00 – 11:00 Hektek Elektrek (Mungus Fungus)

11:00 – 12:00 Bernz (Beartrap)

12:00 – 01:00 Humerous (PsynOpticz)

01:00 – 02:00 Dala (Nano Records)

02:00 – 03:00 The Commercial Hippies (Nano Records)

03:00 – 04:00 Technicolor (Spectral Records)


08:00 – 12:00 Ambient Mix

12:00 – 04:00 Organik Panic


R30 Before 10pm

R50 After 10pm


R10 per locker







Mind warping psychedelic decor and visuals done by MUNGUS FUNGUS


WARNING: Explosive Content


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