Mungus Fungus presents Reborn (Feat Shehoor – France)


Shehoor is a french project

Khayyam, 30, originally from Lebanon, started music when he was 8. He discovered trance through Hallucinogen in 1997 but was mainly into electro and tek. In 2002, during festivals like Orejana and Boom, he got the chance to discover new psychedelic sounds. After he graduated in sound engineering, he worked on last Psyside album “Anormaly in your brain”.

Zaag, 40, started music when he was 7. First alternative rock fan (Dead kennedys, The clash..), he discovered electronic music at the beginning of the 90..s . Trance arrived in his life during a trip in Guadeloupe(f.w.i.) through the “Maya tribe” and “Instant Karma” parties. He started to dj and organize “Ereshkigal” beach parties in St Maarten. Back in France in 2004, he travels in Europe and India and plays in different parties as “M.M.D.records” dj.


DJ Archive is Lyle Jensen, born and raised in the filthy South of Cape Town. He acts as co-owner and A&R manager of South Africa’s own twilight psy label, MMD Records! Being involved within the music industry his entire life; he took direct interest in the darker Black Metal/Industrial genre in 1998, and under the moniker of “Isotope”, jammed death/black/thrash/grindcore and the occasional psy-trance DJ set in and around Cape Town. A few years later, he discovered psy-trance and after a few twisted experiences of Alien Safari’s, Crystal Visions, Timecode, Vortex’s and others, 5years later finally decided with the help of Zion Linguist, to create a fresh label specifically focusing on the twilight (nighttime fullon) side of Psy-trance, and hence in late 2005, Mind Manipulation Device Records (or MMD Records for short) was born!

He debuted his new “Archive” persona at MMD’s “Point of No Return” Party, January 2006 by doing a B2B set with DJ Sonic of Alien Safari, followed 2months later by compiling MMD’s acclaimed V/A compilation “Erratic Distortion”, cementing the label’s style in this unique sub-genre of Psytrance.
Since then, he has played at virtually all of the large (& small) SA psy festivals including, Aliens Safari, Vortex, Earthdance CT, Village, Beartrap, Disasterpeace, as well as hosting their own MMD annual events, playing alongside pretty much all of SA top acts, as well as the likes of Absolum, B-55, Damage, Tryambaka, CPU, Hujaboy, Rastaliens, Azax Syndrome, Bombax, Mindcore, Domestic, Orca to name but a few.

Maintaining his need for versatility, he has been lucky enough to play B2B DJ sets with local names such as Frozen Ghost, Deliriant, Hiyarant, Lost & Found, Zion Linguist, Jester (Peak), SwiTcHcaChe, Rubix Qube, Iron Lotus as well as internationals Daksinamurti, Gatafreak, Anestetic, and Jafar (Beyond Logic).
Keeping in vein with his unique trashy psycho-delic roots, in August 2009 he joined Indian based label, Rudraksh Records, and in March of 2011, joined Mexican based label, Terror Lab Industries, and in turn signed respected label owners, Shiva Moon and DJ Transgenic to MMD Records…2 relationships formed to bring psy awareness to these 3 third-world countries!
Archive’s style can be described as an intense supercharged psy thrashing encompassing elements of warped distortion, slam mixing, and ZERO bullshit…listener discretion is advised!


Strain is Rahil Malde, born and bred in Kenya now residing in Cape Town, South Africa. Having been introduced recently to the psy-trance scene in early 2010, Rahil quickly took interest in the more full-on night time psychedelic beats Cape Town is more known for.

After receiving some valuable industry advice from melodic Nexus Media producer, Deliriant, the mark had been made! Doing a few crash courses in psy production from well know SA twilight blasters Rubix Qube, Biorhythm, Xatrik & Rabdom L, along with a few pro mixing classes with DJ Archive (of MMD Records), a few months later quickly emerged the creation of “Strain”.

The definition of “Strain” comes from the civil engineering term, meaning the deformation of an object when exerted on by an external force.

Displaying his distinct taste in the more melodic hi-tech sounds, Strain debuted at Beartrap Production’s outdoor festival, Celestial Beings in February 2011 and has kept the pressure up since then, being featured at many local Cape Town events sharing main stage with local and international talents such as Biorhythm, Artifakt, Shift, Xatrik, Frozen Ghost, Hiyarant, Gataka, Deviant Species and many more as well as doing back 2 back sets with Rubix Qube, Archive and Ironstein. He has recently been signed to Beartrap Productions as a resident artist at their festivals

Strain’s DJ sets can be best explained as a high energy, melodic journey through sound and space, slamming in slick mixing with just the right dose of hi-tech sounds…Strain your mind!


In 2004 Zezia started attending Local Outdoor Psy Trance Events. It was at these gatherings he was first introduced to both international and local live acts. After being mesmerized time & time again by the talent of these artists Zezia decided that on-stage is where he wanted to be.

Now almost 6 years later, after many dedicated hours in the studio, Zezia is signed to one of the most up and coming Psy Trance Labels in SA, PsynOpticz Productions. Playing his monthly residency at The Bang Bang Club in Cape Town, South Africa – Zezia can be heard bashing out groovy baselines, melodic leads and psychedelic beats on a regular basis.

Since his explosion onto the psy scene Zezia has played numerous indoor and outdoor psychedelic trance events, such as Earthdance Cape Town 2010, Alien Safari, Mindcultivation, Boomerang and Fu-Cha Gatherings in Johannesburg. Zezia has preformed alongside the likes of Avalon, Regan, Braniac, Poizon, Sub-Zero, Loppous in Fabula, Slug, Deliriant, Rubix Qube, Biorhythm, Toxic, Headroom, Earthling and Broken Toy just to name a few.

At only 21 years old, Zezia still has a long journey ahead of him and if one thing is certain he is always ready to blow your mind with the upside down, twisted and bouncing beats of psychedelic trance.



09:00 – 11:00 Outer Limit (Mungus Fungus)

11:00 – 12:00 Zezia (PsynOpticz)

12:00 – 01:00 Strain (BearTrap)

01:00 – 02:00 DJ Zaag aka Shehoor (Terror Lab/MMD) France

02:00 – 03:00 Archive (MMD | TerrorLab | Rudraksh)

03:00 – 04:00 MadHatter (MindMelt)

Doors open at 9pm

Entrance: R30



Dbl Brandy, Vodka, Cane + Mix R28
Dbl Brandy, Vodka, Cane + Redbull R40

Castle Draught R18
Black Label Draught R18
Hansa Draught R18

JBL rig that is sure to keep even the deaf happy.

Mind warping psychedelic decor and visuals done by MUNGUS FUNGUS


WARNING: Explosive Content




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