Mungus Fungus presents Optic Phoebis Nucifera


Twisted System is the combined producing talents of Phyx, sHiFt, and Rabdom L – All well known protagonists in the international trance scene in their own right. The system have gathered an almost fanatical worldwide following for their full power, no holds barred onslaught of sound – a tech dark psy maelstrom.


Psytrance with and industrial edge, bass lines to shake the hips, and melody to lift the mind to higher states.


sHiFt is a powerful journey into dance & the exploration of conscious trance

for ten years shift has been performing and releasing psy

…its about keeping it interesting without deviating from the principle behind the music.

… to take the listener on a journey and to let the dancer free to explore

… each song or album is a story, so where one might be darker or more rhythmical,, some others could be uplifting and groovy – there are so many elements within the arrangement of a psy tune that the options are almost limitless – and therefore getting the balance between the elements to create these different textures and “flavours” for the mind becomes the art-form itself – rather than the manufacture and predictable placement of sampled sounds – making a good track is more than sum of the production skill and musical knowledge – its is learned though experience as the listener, the dancer, the composer, and the producer


Rabdom is Craig Hudson, also a member of Twisted System. Founding member of Timecode Records. Released tracks on labels across the globe. Began making music in 2002 and also enjoys successful career as DJ SkraGG having played alongside the biggest names in Psytrance.


EMP is a one choice no chance psychedelic crash bang collision course. A mind-expanding Snort to the Twisted God of Chaos and her Royal Highness the Evil Queen Distortion.
An undying Psycrifice to the Eternal will of the Swarm.
Born deep within the infinite turmoil of a Super-Massive Black Hole,
It evolutes through the Infinite Reverse Psyroxide Loop Cycle;
a perpetually vibrating Alien Mass,
Hurtling through space…
bending time,
melting face.


Deliriant is the solo project of Shane Renew, 25, from South Africa. With a love and passion for music since childhood, over ten years of DJ experience (many alongside international psy trance legends) and five on the production side, a multitude of global releases, as well as an advanced diploma in sound engineering – his debut album was released on Shift & Slug’s label, Nexus Media, in September 2009, and was well received by critics, fans and dance floors worldwide. Following on from the successful “Chemistry”, his second album, “Miracle Cure”, was released two years later, and delivers an enchanting, energy packed, ride through a twilight psy dance floor. Evident when listening is not only top notch production, but also a deep understanding of how to move dancers from the inside. Deliriant provides the listener with a little taste of clarity and streamlined minimalism, yet without too dramatic a change the mood is pushed forward into a pulsating psychedelic mélange, riddled with exciting sounds, clever drops, neat builds, driving basslines, soaring leads, and epic pads. Influences from Shift, Absolum, Azax, Domestic, Pitch Hikers and more can clearly be heard, but they are never too dominant; there is always a unique edge that is definitely the sound of Deliriant: hard and driving, while still maintaining a melodic feel. It is intelligent in structure, and contains minimalist elements of glitch and techno. Expect dark atmospheres, powerful leads, intense breakdowns and an always solid groove. This is music from the future – watch this space.


Charl Fury aka eXcell is another one of Cape Town, South Africa’s new breed of psy-producer. Having grown up listening to hard electro, Techno, Industrial and grind-core metal greats such as Prodigy, Rob Zombie. As well as being involved in the local trance scene since the year 2000, Charl focused his attention on producing an all-new style of hard psy-trance that would incorporate a minimal yet maniacal combination of raw emotion spun together in a web of hard tech and thrash synthesized sounds, the purpose of which is to clear all the confusions, doubts and despairs of the dance floor leading into the morning hours… the result is now a fresh, explosive, and totally cutting edge sound that cuts right down to the core of the humanoid’s being…experience pressure…Experience eXcell!!!


Plusminus are Mike van As and David Coe. Started out in 2006 and have been rocking ever since. They have played at some of Cape Town’s biggest psytrance events and gained a reputation for their scorching DJ sets and impeccable ability to read a crowd.

Playing at parties from Groovy Troopers to Prism, the future looks bright for this young duo. They are putting down some studio time and are preparing a killer live set that should debut 2011 summer season in Cape Town.


DJ Archive is Lyle Jensen, born and raised in the filthy South of Cape Town. He acts as co-owner and A&R manager of South Africa’s own twilight psy label, MMD Records! Being involved within the music industry his entire life; he took direct interest in the darker Black Metal/Industrial genre in 1998, and under the moniker of “Isotope”, jammed death/black/thrash/grindcore and the occasional psy-trance DJ set in and around Cape Town. A few years later, he discovered psy-trance and after a few twisted experiences of Alien Safari’s, Crystal Visions, Timecode, Vortex’s and others, 5years later finally decided with the help of Zion Linguist, to create a fresh label specifically focusing on the twilight (nighttime fullon) side of Psy-trance, and hence in late 2005, Mind Manipulation Device Records (or MMD Records for short) was born!

He debuted his new “Archive” persona at MMD’s “Point of No Return” Party, January 2006 by doing a B2B set with DJ Sonic of Alien Safari, followed 2months later by compiling MMD’s acclaimed V/A compilation “Erratic Distortion”, cementing the label’s style in this unique sub-genre of Psytrance.
Since then, he has played at virtually all of the large (& small) SA psy festivals including, Aliens Safari, Vortex, Earthdance CT, Village, Beartrap, Disasterpeace, as well as hosting their own MMD annual events, playing alongside pretty much all of SA top acts, as well as the likes of Absolum, B-55, Damage, Tryambaka, CPU, Hujaboy, Rastaliens, Azax Syndrome, Bombax, Mindcore, Domestic, Orca to name but a few.

Maintaining his need for versatility, he has been lucky enough to play B2B DJ sets with local names such as Frozen Ghost, Deliriant, Hiyarant, Lost & Found, Zion Linguist, Jester (Peak), SwiTcHcaChe, Rubix Qube, Iron Lotus as well as internationals Daksinamurti, Gatafreak, Anestetic, and Jafar (Beyond Logic).
Keeping in vein with his unique trashy psycho-delic roots, in August 2009 he joined Indian based label, Rudraksh Records, and in March of 2011, joined Mexican based label, Terror Lab Industries, and in turn signed respected label owners, Shiva Moon and DJ Transgenic to MMD Records…2 relationships formed to bring psy awareness to these 3 third-world countries!
Archive’s style can be described as an intense supercharged psy thrashing encompassing elements of warped distortion, slam mixing, and ZERO bullshit…listener discretion is advised!


Hektek Elektrek is a combination of 2 DJ’s namely SubsonicTonic (James Donaldson) & JoNNY RoBoTIX (John Clark).

SubsonicTonic has recently returned from a 5 year stint in the UK where he continued the psychedilic journey he had begun in Cape Town while attending the
various big outdoors and indoors. He played at a variety of parties featuring at venues such as The Lightbox, Factory, Plan B, Babies Events and more. He was also lucky enough to attend some of the major European Psy parties including Freedom Festival and Sonica.

JoNNY RoBoTIX is a local bass heavy Breaks DJ who also runs the raucous Fukk It parties along with the cream of Cape Town’s hottest bass DJ’s namely LG
Fritz, Blitzkrieg & Grimehouse. He is also signed to West Coast Production’s (6th Sense Psy) management label who have some of the hottest local names in their stable including ILLtastic, Riot Squad & USB Human aka Shift.

Together their aim is to provide stompers with a rare selection of the highest quality face melting beats, from progressive to techno, to tech psy
and even late night treats. Sound atmospheres play an important role in this duo’s performances and party revellers will take delight in their mind altering offerings. In their short time together they have played at a variety of parties such as Psynoptix, 6th Sense, Psy Tribes, Hybrid Sapiens and of course their personal favourite the Mungus Fungus parties, whose label they are signed to. The duo are also actively experimenting with production of new forms of psy trance it shoudn’t be long until you will witness their releases rocking the dancefloors!


Amethyst is Tasha Cole, originally from Cape Town, now riding in London. Having attended local SA psy event since 2006, psy trance quickly fell as an instant passion for Tasha, familiarizing herself with the different psy styles, the producers and the DJ’s. In late 2008, eager to take a more proactive role in the Cape Town trance industry, and threw her first indoor event hosting names such as EMP…, Wobblz (of Alien Safari), Archive (of MMD Records), Skarab (of The Village), Freeswim, and Plusminus, and received an awesome response from the local supporters.

In early 2009, Tasha relocated to the UK, where after some monitoring of the London/Europe psy scene, quickly followed through with becoming a DJane in this competitive industry. Returning to Cape Town for a brief visit, she was taught by DJ Archive and Rubix Qube the basics of mixing, following up with some practice and local gigs when she returned to London.

Under the newly formed DJ moniker of “Amethyst”, she debuted at a GDM party in Amsterdam early 2011. Since then, she has performed regularly in London and Headlining in Croatia, and will debut in SA Cape Town at Beartraps 10th Anniversary alongside names such as Dapanji, Brian Sentient, Archive, Djane Myzo, Rubix Qube, … Amethyst has shown impressive growth, passion, drive and has networked away around london in just 6months playing alongside artists & dj’s such as Waio, Joti Sidu, Shane Gobi, Silicon Sounds, Aphid Moon, Sofire, Kristian, Psibindi, Zeus, Dirty Saffi, Atmos, Onboxx to name but a few.

Currently representing Mutagen Records, Amethyst continues to push herself by bring deep groove with slamming overlay sounds to take listeners into another of level of time and space. Taking a liking to the more happy bouncy energy beats, Amethyst’s sets consists of favorites such as Avalon, The Commercial Hippies, Flip Flop, GMS, Mad Maxx, Hydraglyph, Rinkadink, Tron, Earthling, Burn in Noise, Shift, Broken Toy, Magnetica, Materia and many more.
These are artists that represent her mind frame, style and personality which feeds onto the dancefloor for pure funky bliss



09:00 – 11:00 Hektek Elektrek (Mungus Fungus)

11:00 – 12:00 Deliriant (Nexus Media)

12:00 – 01:00 Shift (Nexus Media)

01:00 – 02:00 Phyx (Timecode)

02:00 – 03:00 Twisted System (Timecode)

03:00 – 04:00 Rabdom L (Nexus Media)


08:00 – 10:00 Amethyst (Mutagen records)

10:00 – 12:00 Archive (MMD records)

12:00 – 01:00 EMP (Alien Safari)

01:00 – 02:00 Excell (Disasterpeace Records)

02:00 – 03:00 Plusminus (Organik)

03:00 – 04:00 Rubix Qube (Disasterpeace Records)

Entrance: R30



Dbl Brandy, Vodka, Cane + Mix R28
Dbl Brandy, Vodka, Cane + Redbull R40

Castle Draught R18
Black Label Draught R18
Hansa Draught R18

JBL rig that is sure to keep even the deaf happy.

Mind warping psychedelic decor and visuals done by MUNGUS FUNGUS


WARNING: Explosive Content


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