Ms Obama gets snitched on for pot… AGAIN!


Malia Obama seriously needs new friends, and quickly.

It must be hard trying to be a normal 18 year old when you are the presidents daughter but it must be even harder realizing the only circle you can express your 18 year old self with, does not have your back.

Malia raised brows earlier this year when she decided to bunk Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention and instead attended Lollapalooza. It was there that she was recorded smoking what looks to be a joint, taken by some friend who is clearly trying to out her. Another witness later confirmed to the press, that it in fact was marijuana she was smoking. Needless to say the video went viral but the White House did not respond.

Fast forward to yesterday and Malia was seen on her way to a house party sporting a cheeky shirt with the statement “Smoking Kills ” written on by herself we assume, in what looks like black permanent marker. Oh the irony. She was later snapped at the party sitting in front of a very visible and large bong and was once again, outed to the public by her peers. It’s not confirmed that she actually smoked but it seems all too obvious .

malia bong

The Internet has gone wild in support of Malia, calling for people to cut her some slack as well as throwing a ton of shade on her already shady friends.

Watch the 9 second clip from Lollapalooza here and let us know what you think, is Malia way out of line or just , normal?

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