Mr Sakitumi – Refried Noodles EP (free download)

At the last MyCityByNight x Discotheque, I had the chance to catch up with Mr Sakitumi after his set and he gave me the lowdown on his latest EP, which dropped on the 20th of December 2012. It’s called REFRIED NOODLES and available for FREE download on his Soundcloud page, as well as through African Dope.

The EP was mainly recorded and mixed at Mr Sakitumi’s own studio in Muizenberg, with an original track by Mix ‘n Blend (featuring Mr Sakitumi on drums), produced in their studio. The extra drums for the EP were recorded at Hey Papa Legend Studios. Mastering of tracks was done by Simon “Fuzzy” Ratcliffe from Sound and Motion Studios. Like with his debut album, Secret Asian Man released in 2011, Mr Sakitumi played all instruments himself for the solo tracks on his latest offering. I’ve given it a listen and it really does showcase how much skill this guy has been blessed with. This is what he had to say:

“As with ‘Secret Asian Man’, these tracks also existed over a period of time, with some being pretty old and others more recent. I went with the ‘refried’ aspect in the title as bit of a reference to DJ Food’s ‘Refried Food’ (Ninja Tune) – The idea being that some of these are remixes and re-workings of older ideas.”

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  1. No More Sorrow
  2. Clockitumi
  3. Full Muppet – Mix ‘n Blend feat. Mr Sakitumi on drums (Secret Asian Mash)
  4. Handle Me (feat. DJ Vadim’s “Terrorist” Acapella)
  5. Sakitumilla
  6. Calm Before The Sleep (feat. Mark Buchanan)
  7. Full Muppet – Mix ‘n Blend feat. Mr Sakitumi on drums (Original Version)


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