Mr Bongs CityByNight mix


This year I started working with Mr Bong and decided to ask if he was keen to drop a Mr Bong’s CityByNight mix and what we got out of it is a deadly mix of breaks that will be sure to have your feet tapping. Big thanks to Mr Bong for this mix. Download it and turn it up REAL loud. This is one mix you NEED to download.

Mr Bong MyCityByNight Promo Mix Jan 2011 by Mr Bong

1) Mr Bong Pink Panther Pledge of Resisiatnce Bass Intro
2) Freq Nasty – Peacmaker
3) Evil Nine – They Live (Mr Bong Vox Edit)
4) Cracks feat Belle Humble
5) Bang your head (Bong Vox Edit)
6) Bloodhoundgang – Firewater Burn (Mr Bong Edit)
7) Stanton Warriors – Precinct – Plump DJ;s Remix
8) Aquasky/Bong Synth Edit
9) Aquasky/Mr Bong Drum Loop Edit_Fly By
10) Beach Boys – Good Vibrations – Stanton Warriors Remix
11) Aquasky/Mr Bong Drum Edit_Drive By
12) Slyde – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
13) Aquasky/Mr Bong Drum Edit_Stay High
14) Lethalness – Lost – Mr Bong Lethal Remix
15) Chemical Brothers – Get yourself High – Bong Re edit
16) The Freestylers feat Pendulum – Jump n Twist
17) Mr Bong/New Order/2manydjs – Fuck me up – Edit
18) Afrika Bambaataa – Africa
19) Plump DJ’s – Boomer
20) Mr Bong/New Order/2manydjs – Fuck me up – Edit
21) Mighty Dub Katz – Magic Carpet Ride
22) The Freestylers – Say Yes

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  1. Topclass right here. This music makes me feel like I’m in a world of my own. Doesn’t feel like I’m at work anymore *JOY*.

    1. Agreed Laila!! That was seriously one of the best sets I’ve heard in a very long time! Great job there Mr Bongs!! 🙂

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