Movie Review | Jurassic World


In three words: go watch it. For a few more, continue as you were.

Jurassic World is a ride worth taking. A satisfying cocktail of delicious CGI, action and authenticity make this mega-budget flick a winter must-see.

I’ll insert a quick disclaimer here: it isn’t a masterpiece.

In 1993, Jurassic Park came out and knocked the world straight off its horse. No one had seen anything like it before.

Its legend and longevity makes it vivid in my childhood movie memory, despite it being released the year I was born.

Today, the competition is fiercer. Just this year, we’ve had the second instalment of Marvel’s Avengers as well as Mad Max: Fury Road. Yet to come is the new Bond film, Spectre, the new Terminator (yup, he’s back) and a handful of other films that cost north of $150 million to make.

How does Spielberg’s latest feather look on the proverbial cap, then?

Quite pretty, actually. Jurassic World manages to avoid the classic blockbuster trap of spending 99.9% of the money on explosions and altogether forgetting about the actual story.

Some of the emotional scenes aren’t as authentic as I’d have liked. That said, they could have been a lot cheesier. Which would have been bad.

It’s a cool story. With authentic characters.

Chris Pratt is a solid lead, seamlessly meshing the role of action hero and human being.


Set 22 years after Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar (off the coast of Costa Rica) is a totally safe island dinosaur park. Scientists have used complex genetics to bring the dinosaurs back from the dead and all is well with the world.

Until it isn’t.

Not content with having revived the dinosaurs after a 65 million year nap, they splice various dino-DNA strands to create the ultimate death machine.

Shit goes down when the super-rex escapes and the entire island becomes a war zone.

You know what happens next, sort of. The interesting thing is how it happens.

For that kind of juicy information, you’re going to have to watch Jurassic World yourself. You know you want to.

Unless you don’t.

But nobody wants to be the one that hasn’t seen a movie that everybody else is talking about, do they? Especially not when Jurassic World can stand in the company of its legendary predecessor, hands in pockets, and belong.

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