Enjoy an inner-city movie night at the GoDriveIn Movie & Roadhouse


GoDriveIn Movie & Roadhouse in Salt River will be bringing you a variety of big-screen entertainment that you can enjoy right from the comfort and safety of your car. GoDriveIn is a Movie & Roadhouse venue in Cape Town with an offering of food trucks.

The drive-in, situated in an open-air lot in Salt River has a capacity for fifty cars and operates three nights a week from Fridays to Sundays. Movies are projected onto a permanent, solid nine-metre screen and film sound is shared into cars via an FM transmitter. The film offering at GoDriveIn is diverse and caters to families, adults and film buffs. 

Four food trucks complete the roadhouse vibe and moviegoers arriving before the screenings can choose from curries, burgers, wraps, chicken, coffee, popcorn, sweets and cold drinks. The food trucks are DOWP (Waffles and Milkshakes), Talledega (Halaal Certified Smokehouse, Burgers, Brisket etc), Mexikaap (Mexican Food), Ninety One (Indian Food) as well as a Snack Bar serving Popcorn, Cold Drinks, Sweets and Chocolates. Aside from movie nights, the food trucks will also operate daily from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9 am to 5pm. 

GoDriveIn was established in October 2020 by Grant De Sousa and Tyrone Rubin, both well known in the South African film industry. An almost forgotten part of the cinema industry, the drive-in culture is making a comeback globally, driven in part by the temporary closure of so many movie-houses worldwide in the face of COVID-19. 

Cape Town is no exception and with the local GoDriveIn offering being as layered as it is, the venue has been morphed into a popular entertainment destination attracting people of all ages. “GoDriveIn has a life span that extends beyond the pandemic and the drive-in roadhouse is the first phase of our exciting vision for the space,” said De Sousa. “GoDriveIn is also one of the best and safest ways to get back out into the world of real-time, real-life fun,” he concluded. 

The venue is located at 346B Victoria Road in Salt River. On drive-in nights doors open at 6 pm and movies start at 7 pm. Come early and get a good spot, have a meal and shop from our Snack Bar.

Tickets can be purchased online and at the entrance for R190 per car (five ppl per car). All movies are listed on Webtickets. Find out more and book, right here

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