Movember South Africa starts Today!!!

Today is the first of Movember here in South Africa (and the world)!!!

No that wasn’t a typo- the month formerly known as November was renamed by the likes of all the clever guys out there to Movember (a brilliant combination of the words Moustache and November) in a bid to create awareness around male testicular cancer.

Cancer is one of the biggest killers globally and at MyCityByNight we’re really passionate about lending our support to any initiative that we feel is making a worthy contribution to society as a whole. This is why we have joined the month long campaign to raise awareness around the cause by donating our faces for the duration of the month and sporting some awesomely manly facial hair!!!

Yes that’s right, for the entire month of Movember, all guys and girls wishing to support the cause will be allowed to grow facial hair without any pressure from GQ or Men’s Health to keep that stubble looking like you are fresh out of a magazine shoot. Personally, this is quite a hectic vibe for me as my American Indian heritage prevents me from growing facial hair in a period less than a year and when I eventually do get anything decent going I look Mexican and people start referring to me as Enrique, blaming me for swine flu and crap… Oi, this is going to be an interesting month.

MyCityByNight will keep you all in the loop regarding the development of our MO’s 🙂

Come on MyCityByNight Alumni– get involved!!! Its for a good cause! 🙂

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    1. Its only day one and I already feel like I look Mexican… ALREADY!!

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