Mouthful of Concrete (EP) | Hit Rock Bottom and Get Back Up With Rose Bonica

‘2019 was HECTIC, But is was also the shape of monumental things to come.’ – Big Space, WDR Founder and President

This is the perfect way to wrap up the year, The Top Gunner of Wet Dreams Recordings, Rose Bonica, has dropped another landmark EP ‘Mouthful of Concrete’ and it’s out now on all your favourite platforms.

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“In 1999 I was skateboarding down a very steep hill and for a moment I had everything under control, only to fall seconds later, face-first into the concrete. I stood up, laughing, as the tears and blood poured down my face. Here’s to another year of falling down, eating concrete and getting back up with a smile!

For the ‘Mouthful of Concrete’ EP I channelled my confidence in all the things I have learnt, I memorialised the things I have lost and I threw out the things I’d been hoarding. I wanted the music to be more direct, I feel like I’ve achieved that, but I’m also not sure if I care…I will let you be the judge of that.” – Rose Bonica

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