Mountain Bike Jacking At GunPoint Caught On A GoPro

As some of you know, I am a avid mountain biker and often post tweets and Intagrams with the tag #MCBNride. So, you can imagine my rage at this mountain bike jacking at gunPoint caught on a GoPro!

According to BicycleSafetySA on Twitter, the scum bags have been caught and all the goods retrieved! Bravo SAPS!

Fortunately this event turned out ‘ok’, and no one was hurt!

Be safe out there people!
Via Lucky Jakkals on YouTube

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  1. Hi, where was this in somerset west I live here and mountain bike and would like to know where this incident accured.

    1. Hi Annabel,

      Apparently it’s the railway crossing behind Lorensford and another farm, from what we were told/know.

      Stay safe out there!

    1. Your a fucking idiot…hopefully you will be lucky enough to end up in the same situation….but hopefully the criminals will take a couple of shots at you like they usualy do…this guy was lucky not to be killed and then you have fuckwits like you making stupid comments like this…..Grow the fuck up

  2. They voted ANC, now they are happy coz they can continue with their favorite pastimes. Can’t believe they are hijacking bicycles… Where the f are we living??

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