Motorbiker crashes & has an epic #ThugLife moment

motorbike thug life

Unfortunately for my social life, I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit checking out #ThugLife videos on Youtube when I should be going outside and talking to people. There are some occasions were the videos are too funny not to share, like this one featuring a biker who just happens to also be an EMT (emergency medical technician or paramedic if you’re a South African).

The dude has a pretty bad crash and comes back with a fairly epic one liner comeback when one of his mates tells the crash witnesses to call 911 to help. The fact that he managed to shoot back with such a mega burn is clearly testament to the fact that this dude lives the thug life mantra to the max. Wouldn’t mind him coming to save me, as long as he doesn’t show up on a bike.


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