Mother City Queer Project 2010 at Cape Town Stadium

Let me start off with a really huuuggge woooohooooo! As the gayest straight guy around (thanks Stacey Norman from KFM & Highveld Stereo) I’m rather excited about this years edition of one of the biggest jols you’ll ever attend… MCQP.

The Mother City Queer Project started in 1994 when we officially became a FREE REPUBLIC of awesome, as a themed costume party to celebrate the birth of South Africa’s new constitution and its acknowledgment of gay rights.

This year sees the 17th edition of this mega jol which attracts around 5,000 gay and straight partygoers – many of them from across the country where self-expression is frowned upon. The more outrageous the costume the better. Last year I check out MCQP at the Biscuit Mill and was rather impressed by the sheer effort that went into the venue and the event’s production (seriously top notch shit)- the theme was construction and there are still a couple of super dodge pics of me looking like one of the members of YMCA.

This year’s theme is Flower Power, which means that you can go as anything from a dirty hippy to a flower that sprinkles magical pollen on all those willing to sniff it up (ooh was that just a drug reference- unintentional I swear). Get this though- the venue for this year’s event is The Cape Town Stadium- nuts! 

This year’s absolutely huge venue will almost ensure that the pinkest city in SA gets MCQP close to Sydney Mardi Gras and Rio Carnival proportions.

So… The Deets you need to know:

Venue: Cape Town stadium

Theme: “Flower Power”.

Tickets can be bought from Computicket and selected venues. They are available on an early bird special at R180 for general entry and R350 for VIP during the month of November.

The theme for MCQP 2010 is Flower Power.  Embrace the swinging 60s and free love.  Put some flowers in your hair and slap on a pair of tye dye underwear, ban the bomb or fight the war and rock out in psychedelic style.  MCQP is a dress-up party!  No costume too outrageous or revealing…

When? 18 December 2010

As the first post-World Cup lifestyle and entertainment event to be held at the stadium, the MCQP are setting the bar very high and party-goers can look forward to five separate indoor levels with nine different areas, each with its own unique sub-theme:

  • The Mercedes Benz, Red Bull “Red Carpet” Entrance,
  • A main house dance floor,
  • A 70’s Dedicated Disco dance floor,
  • A live bandstand stage hosting, among others, Flash Republic from Johannesburg,
  • A Gay Anthems Caberet dance floor,
  • An X factor – Live stage,
  • A dedicated Smokers Lounges,
  • Chill out lounges and wine bars,
  • A VIP Lounge with dedicated parking, entertainment, snacks and loads of bubbly,
  • And – another first – a Hippie trance dance floor. 

BOOOOOOM! See all you kids there 🙂

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  1. This is not what Cape Town been missing. Cause we been having it! MCBN what is Cape Town missing?

  2. Wow! This party sounds awesome! I’m part of a company called The Psychedelic Theatre Co. we do all sorts of performance art from fire dancing to stilt walking- performance art made to order. Would you guys be interested in having us there to make the party even more spectacular? Contact me on 0846276550/ and I could give you more info about us.
    Peace & Love

    1. Howsit Lanel: We are just a little ol blog site, we arent the company doing MCQP… We will find out who you contact to get involved with this event and as soon as we do, I will let you know 🙂

      Have a great day!

    2. @Lanel- contact deets are in the latest MCQP post- Good luck!! 🙂

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