Best and most accurate space movies according to a NASA astronaut

Space Movies
Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

The world is in the ‘midst’ of many things, one being a sort of ‘space race‘ with leading nations -and private companies- all keenly focused on getting their probes and vessels to Mars and the Moon.

But what is space travel really like? A while back, NASA astronaut and former director of space operations at SpaceX, Garrett Reisman, appeared in a video for Insider where he gave his honest and educated opinion about the accuracy of some of the most popular space movies of our time.

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In the video below Reisman reviews and rates 10 iconic scenes from space movies based on how realistic they are from Apollo 13 to Interstellar, 2001’s A Space Odyssey, Star Trek and more.

Old but gold! Watch the video in full below and find more trending content, right here.

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