Mosh Pit Etiquette 101 – Don’t Roundhouse Kick People In The Face

Mosh Pit Etiquette 101 - Don't Roundhouse Kick People In The Face


We were sent this video by one of the readers for analysis and by no means am I an expert in the rules of a mosh pit (not really even sure if there are even any real rules to break), but I’m almost certain that it’s not ok for you to round-house kick girls in the face while “rocking out”.

The dude in question, warms up to the side of the shot with a few air punches and then proceeds to deliver a fairly devasting round house kick to a girl standing near him, following this up with a couple of bek-skoots to the guys who are standing around at the edge of the mosh pit. Can someone who does more than the occasional mosh pit please confirm if this is legal or whether this guy was not keeping to the general mosh pit ethos?

Does he even like rock music? Was he just there to round-house kick random people? We’ll never know.

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