Morning tidbit

After watching Manchester United get knocked out of the Champions League last night with the ref doing one of the worst jobs I have ever seen I was fairly upset- the facebook mocking from all of my mates didnt help either… This one is for all of you guys and girls-


At least there was a bit of good news yesterday- The ANC Secretary-General Gwede Mantashe hooked up with some of the country’s political bigwigs including our President Jacob Zuma also known as J-Z to meet with our favourite political rascal and Matric woodwork genius Julius Malema.


During the meeting ANC Youth League  president, Malema was apparently told not to sing liberation songs like the “kill the boer” one or any other that might cause the country to slip deeper into racial tension considering the recent craziness surrounding the murder of self-proclaimed white supremist and boer Eugene Terblanche.


Good advice in my opinion, considering that Julius often runs his mouth to the point where people he needs to go to court for hate speech of all sorts. Unfortunately though, the ANC could not guarantee that Julius “rudeboy” Malema would bite his tongue and avoid punitive action from the party.

Its also Phuza thursday today (thankfully), which means that because you are a South African/are currently in the country you are allowed to start the weekend and begin consuming alcohol NOW (ok ok, maybe not right now but later definately).


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