More Local Talent – Rabotik


While talking to Kosta from Crazy White Boy (keep your eyes open for the interview coming soon), he dropped this gem of a Soundcloud link in my skype inbox and told me to have a little listen. He isn’t one to drop just any kind of link so when I opened it up I saw 4 tracks (3 dubstep and one drum and bass) which they had produced and immediately hit the play button. I played each and every track and then once more over again. Rabotik seem to have the production side of things under control. Hailing from Joberg, Rabotiks are a new electronic act who enjoy producing and writing FILTHY music. I think they got me hooked already and I look forward to hearing more tunes in the near future.

The Kave – Original Mix by Rabotik

Slipmatte – Original Mix by Rabotik

Trauma – Original Mix by Rabotik

Houston – Original Mix by Rabotik

To keep up to date with Rabotik’s production, follow them on Soundcloud (click here)

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  1. Quality production. Fucking love it. Especially that second drop in ‘The Kave’.

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