Moonchild Sanelly Completely Smashes Roskilde Festival!!!

We have some "Out of Body" vibes with Moonchild Sanelly & Gorillaz at Roskilde Festival This Year

Time and time again we are welcomed to a bit of nostalgia from the 20th century and with alot of “old-school” artists finding their feet splashing the waters about of the 21st, it’s quite inspiring to see South African flavour finding its way amongst cult hereos like Gorillaz.

The “ghetto-funk” queen of Port Elizabeth saw her unique style take her Roskilde Festival in Denmark where she was set to close the Art Zone but found herself stumbling into Orange to open and perform “Out of Body” with Gorrilaz after Dua Lupa.

We look forward to hear things like this go down more often and who know? Moonchild could be the catalyst to bring down Gorillaz to SA shores… You never know…

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