Mooiness of the Week: Sloan from Entourage

Sloan from Entourage has always been a favourite of mine, I love it how she always gives little ol’ E so much shit the whole series. Cant wait for season 7 to come out and Sloan is definitely one of the reasons. Her real name is Emmanuelle “Sophie Anne” Chriqui and she is a 33 years old Canadian girl. She also look’s like SUCH a mooiness in Dont Mess with The Zohan, where she plays a Palestinian immigrant living in New York, such a special movie. Hope these pics brighten up your Monday. Remember, its a short week and we got lots to look forward to this weekend!



Emmanuelle Chriqui





Some one please organise me Entourage as soon as it comes out!


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  1. As if you’d give bat foot_check! 😉

    She has a very “girl next door” type of look and you have to admit- she was SMOKING in You dont mess with the Zohan…

  2. HMM well is she that palestinian girl in zohan, if she is I retract my previous comment… And btw ricky we live in cpt so our girls next door are way hotter than the american variant of the girl next door!

  3. This girl is super hot I think this foot_check guy doesn't know what he talking about I think he needs to get his brain checked!!!


  4. Onaj, you are going crazy my friend… YOUR good friend foot check is very right. SA mooiness is coming soon, even better is they will be local CT flavours:)

  5. been saying for years that this chick is the hottest on the planet. The one girl that i would cheat on the woman friend with… sorry babe!

  6. No reason for Sloan to model or dress with no clothes on. Thought she was much classy than these photos, but I was wrong. Very disappointed.

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