Mooiness of the Week- Jenny Mcarthy


At first glance you would think that she is a totally ditzy blonde with as much substance as a Jackie Selebi defence case, but one should be aware of the danger of judging a book by its ever so pretty cover. The reality is that this fiery vixen is on of the sharper tools in the Hollywood toolshed with a wicked sense of humour to accompany her wit.

Jenny has starred in roles in comedy series like Just Shoot Me- as a male high school friend of David Spade who has had a sex change into the smoking hot Jenny McCarthy who acts like a guy (with hilarious results). She has even hosted award shows like the MTV Movie Awards, which is quite an honour for most comedians out there- hell she even did a bit of stint as a Playboy Playmate.


Really just an all round wholesome girl!! Enough talking… Here is our mooiness of the week Jenny McCarthy!



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