Mooiness of the week: Alexis Bledel


I dont normally get the chance to do a Mooiness of the Week post as often as I would like but considering that Kreg has gone off on a little business trip requiring him to stay in some disgustingly swanky spot instead of being in the office I decided to take it upon myself to get down to business- so to speak…

Before we get into the rest of pics (which for once are slightly less swimwearish) let me just say- I HATE THE GILMORE GIRLS… but if there was ever a reason to have ever watched this anti-guy dribble it would have to be gorgeous Alexis Bledel.



There’s something really attractive about her and after checking her with glowing blue eyes as a half lesbo killer keen on wearing leather chaps in Sin City, my mind was made up and I no longer had to feel guilty about perving over a hotty called Rory(boys name) cast as a fairly annoying spoiler of her hot mom’s fun in Gilmore Girls.




More of a girl next door vibe I guess…

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