Monday Music| U-Recken – A Light At The End Of The World Preview Mix


U-Reckon Biography:

U-Recken takes psy trance to its right place as intelligent music which uses bass rhythm & melodies as a carrier to the massage of light, love and eternal freedom of thought.
After two successful studio albums,(Aquatic serenade-2006 & Deeper into man-2008) he takes his turn into a slightly bigger vision!

In 2010 Yaniv founded the “Tree Of Life” and he is responsible for one of today’s biggest psy festivals, which reflects well his unique & quality taste in music and concept.
During 2012, Yaniv joined forces with the Belgium based label “Dacru records” which already released a couple of his hits such as “Stoptime” and “The Optimist” (with Digicult)

Yaniv will release his third album – “A light at the end of the world” on Tree of Life/Dacru records!

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Track list:
1. Chandra
2.Echo Police
4.Black Voyage
6.Slipping into Darkness
7.The Great eye in the Sky
8.A few more Questions
9.A Light at the end of The world.
10.Africa Calling

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