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Tune Raider (Pamm Legg) is one of South Africa’s top female Psy-Trance DJ’s. She has been rocking the circuit for over 8 years and is still growing in popularity season after season. Countless successful dance floors, a Documentary, radio show and a compilation album, Tune Raider has definately earned her spot behind the decks. Nowadays Tune Raider boasts two very different types of sets a night time full on and a mid day psychedelic set. She loves all types of Psy-trance music and typical female cant decided what style to stick to, so why only play one? Plus in her opinion a DJ should be versatile enough to play any time and rock it and she does. Tune Raiders main calling card is not only her tight mixing and track selection, but its her magnetic stage presence and magical charisma that gets people dancing.

At the tender age of 17 Pamm experienced Tyuoshi Suzuki at the Vortex event at the Ostrich farm in the beginning of 2000, this event was a beginning for many Cape Town Psy-trance people, it was as if Tsuyoshi was sent to South Africa to open the doors of our perception. It took 2 years of solid partying and working the parties to learn that on the DJ stage was where she belonged.
How to get there was a totally different story, considering that the industry was a solid male dominated scene.

From 2002 Tune Raider was born and began playing at numerous clubs and small outdoor Psy-trance festivals getting her name out there and becoming one girl who was determined to play full on night time Trance and seriously rocking the dance floors and fast gaining a reputation for it

Tune Raider joined up with Mutha FM underground radio and hosted her own show once a week the ‘Twisted Sessions’ it was an inter-active Psychedelic Trance show and every week a new guest DJ Producer and International artist would come to spin their tunes. The ‘Twisted Sessions’ aim was to promote local talent and it’s all about keeping the spirit of the Trance scene alive.

In 2005 Tune Raider was invited to play at the Vortex and Alien Safari ‘Prisim’ for New Years. Vortex, Alien Safari, Earth Dance & Rezonance are now regular events on Pamm’s DJ resume along with Groovy Troupers and many other smaller label parties and club gigs. Soon Tune Raider became Afrogalactic Record’s Newest Label DJ and got involved in co-producing a track that is on the album ‘Radio active rubber pants’, the first track Tune Raider co-produced and released. To date Tune Raider has 2 co-produced tracks released and sure to be more.

In 2008 Pamm directed and produced a documentary on the outdoor party scene in South Africa called ‘Under the African Sky’ and it has been very well received. This is South Africa’s 1st Documentary Film about the local outdoor Psy-trance scene. It documents the arrival of a dance movement from Goa-India and how it spread into what the South African Psy-Trance scene is today. The film is rich with footage dating back to the first outdoor events showing the progression of our scene with interviews from all the key players. To be honest it really stirs up the emotions and makes you feel like you were there.
The main idea behind this film is to get the message out there about S.A trance.
This film is being Produced by Pamm (Tune Raider) and Colin (Wobblz) > Alien Safari /Afrogalactic rec in conjunction with Hemporium and Vortex
Written & Directed By Pamm (Tune Raider) Edited & Co-written WillArtz Footage Dave Henning, WillArtz & Verena.

2009/ 2010 Pamm joined up with lady lea’s DJ agency – DIVAS ON DECKS, it’s a South African female DJ agency it is formed to promote and protect female DJs out to gigs that will suit their music and style, as well as having our own Divas on Decks parties, albums and tours. Done by the divas, for the divas! We will be promoting all the ladies in a big way, and helping them reach their full potential and their dreams! Through Divas on decks Pamm released her 1st compilation album ‘Divas On Decks’ Volume 2, which includes a variety of great South African produced music, and the collaboration track from Tune Raider and Slug called ‘open your eyes’, it will rock your socks off! The album is available at all look and listen nation wide and on line music shops.

Mid 2010 Tune Raider has joined up with NUTEK records based in Spain as a label DJ representing South Africa.

Tune Raider – Night Mp3

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Tune Raider – Day Mp3(2)

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