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The connection that Sway has with Psytrance has spanned most of her adult life. As a young aspiring photographer, the outdoor party scene in Cape Town inspired her with the vibrant colors, insane art installations, interesting people in beautiful clothing and the intense, gripping music.

As with many other members of the psytrance community, her journey began at an outdoor festival, it was a Vortex in 1998.

But it was only after hearing an album by a then little known producer, named Protoculture, some years later, that she realised and understood the emotional connection that she felt with the music. It was something that Sway wanted everyone to experience.

She took to the decks for the first time with three disks: Refractions , a VA by Timecode called Firewall and the now infamous “I’m the Supervisor” album – an unlikely combination to say the least, but one that most likely what gave rise to her eclectic style.
It took just three months for her to master the art of mixing music and now, almost nine years later, she has become an integral part of Psytrance Culture in Cape Town.

She has played to the dance floors created by the producers of events like Earthdance, Resonance, Alien Safari, Vortex, MMD Records, DisasterPeace Records, the Village, UltraNoize and many others. She has shared the stage with every local legend and international sensations like Dapanji, CPU, Mekkanikka, Hujaboy, Sinful Reactions, Orca, Tryambaka, Menog, Skazi, Dark Soho and Shane Gobi to list a few.

The unconventional energy that she brings to a line up has changed and evolved many times during her journey with the music and it’s culture – a metamorphosis that has spanned nearly a decade, yet she still looks forward to each opportunity to bring very her distinctive mixing technique and full on selection of tracks to the dance floor, no matter how big or intimate the event.

This is a DJ who prefers not to prepare a set, instead she relies more on the exchange of energy between herself and the dance floor, a “psymbiotic” relationship which she believes is in a constant state of flux. Her sets have been described as “otherworldly beauty, bouncy fun and powerful darkness, all blended into one musical collage of psy-trance”

This psysister has been involved in nearly aspect of the scene, but she is best loved for the unique and powerful female flavour that she contributes not only as a resident DJ, but as one of the three partners and owners of Beartrap Productions, parties which have garnered cult-like status on home soil and continue to receive global recognition from the international psytrance community.

“I am a DJ. This music I play is mine to share with the dance floor, not mine to take credit for, but the arrangement of that music is. I have a responsibility not only to dance floor, but to the producers of the tracks I play, and that’s some heavy shit”

★love::dance::sway★ ★love::dance::sway★ ★love::dance::sway★ ★love::dance::sway★

BeartrapMMDDisasterPeaceEarthdanceOrigintheVillageVortexAlienSafariResonanceUpstairsLabyrinthPsynopticzMungusFungusKaosKrew6thSenseTeknotribeUltraNoizePsychoStompers……….Thank You!

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  1. Sway! What a fucking beast, Probably the oldest and baddest lady we have in the CT trance scene! Ofcourse besides TuneRaider and now Myzo.. Keep firing the tunes at us ! Much love

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