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Spliff Politix is Bruce Abrahamse, from Cape Town, South Africa. Bruce started his musical journey in his early teens, playing guitar in garage rock bands. In 1997 he started DJing Psytrance, and a couple years later started his first meanderings into psy and ambient production on a MC 505 Groovebox. In 2003, he started playing his productions Live under the Solar Axis moniker, and now has several releases and plays multiple festivals every season. Feeling the need for total musical expression without confines or borders, he began the Spliff Politix Project to exorcise the hybrid multi genre entities that were begging for escape…


A fusion of inspiration. Elements of Ambient, Lounge, Breaks, funk, rock, world music, swing, jazz, electro, dubstep, reggae melt together into a journey through time and space and universal phatness. A host of other colourful acoustic characters and circuit goblins spice up the mix…

Spliff Politix – The Alternative Android

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Spliff Politix – Liquid Sun

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Spliff Politix – 1979 (remix)

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