Monday Music – Mr Bong’s On A Break 2010 Mash Up


This weeks Monday Music features Mr Bong who has thrown together a mash up of all the releases on ‘On A Break’ Record label during 2011. Here is what they had to say about the mix:

“As 2011 fly’s by, we thought we would reflect on 2010 briefly and have all the best releases from On a Break in 2010 all mashed up together in one power mix. We asked the talented Mr Bong to do the honors, and this is what we received. A monster 28 track mix of breaks and dubstep. Included exclusively, is the unreleased new track “Bong Stepper” by the man himself Mr Bong. Available soon from On a Break Records on his upcoming album. The compilation will be available online for purchase on 24 April 2011. Visit for details”

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Track Listing:

01 – On A Break – Mr Bong Intro
02- Binary – Subaqueous
03- Audiophile 021 – Quarter Mile – Mr Bong Edit
04- Mr Bong – Bong Stepper – Mr Bong Dub Live Edit**
05- Binary – NoneTooActive
06- Callan Maart – Trigger
07- Binary – Wayward – Mr Bong vs Callan Maart vs Binary Edit
08- Callan Maart – Liquid Shards – Mr Bong Dubstep Drum Edit
09- Callan Maart – Subscat – Mr Bong Live Vox Re-Rub Edit
10- Melodik – Jungle Fever – Mr Bong Live Re-Rub Edit
11- Audiophile 021 – Hummus Funk – Mr Bong Live Bass Edit
12- Melodik – Neon Skank
13- Melodik – Higher
14- Krum – Get Your Groove
15- Krum – Monday Electric
16- Krum – Monday Electric – Twelv Remix – Mr Bong Edit
17- Twelv – Critical Disaster
18- Krum – Cant Stop – Re Edit
19- Callan Maart – Hand to Hand
20- Krum cant Stop – Re Edit
21- Krum – Get Your Groove – Cut La Roc Remix
22- Enough Weapons – Walking On Water – Beatsmack Remix
23- Enough Weapons – Walking On Water – Mr Bong Live Edit
24- Enough Weapons – Walking On Water – Lethalness Remix
25- Twelv & Thesis – Games – Mix n Blend – WreckinLike Its Tekken Remix
26- Twelv & Thesis – Games – Enough Weapons Remix
27- Twelv & Thesis – Games
28- Callan Maart – Bassbin Butterfly

It’s available for download, so get it now.

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