Monday Music| Lady M – Solitude EP [Triplefire Music]


Cape Town based Lady M is recognized as one of South Africa’s leading female artists in the underground electronic music scene and to our knowledge, this EP establishes her as the first South African female DJ to release a solo record.

She began her musical journey on vinyl in her late teens and for years since has held residencies at numerous venues and regularly performs for the largest of festivals, clubs and promoters in Southern Africa.

With her signature deep and bass driven sound, Lady M has not only extended her reach nation wide to put herself on par with SA’s finest house and techno artists but she has also indulged herself in an European sonic education where she played in Amsterdam and Berlin, taking in the international techno scene as well as sharing some of our African flavour. Lady M is constantly working hard in her home studio and also frequently works at the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town. She is one of the very few female artists in South Africa to be producing music and we are proud to present her very first EP to the world on Triplefire Music.

Solitude, Lady M’s debut EP is a two track, deep house release which crosses house music’s sub-genre borders. Her deep, bass driven and melodic sound is clearly displayed in both tracks, Want Or Need and A Feeling. Want Or Need begins with a percussive rhythm section and deep chugging bass, building suspense until the first drop. Lady M’s own spoken vocal leads the track into a peak as the main bassline takes over with driving force, followed by hints of her catchy melody. The track develops and unfolds into a breakdown where eerie pads and her warped vocal effects create the perfect lead up for the peak, where the full melody unfolds over a rhythmic and bass driven bed.

Led by a solid drum groove, A Feeling is already driving from the very first beat. A melodic hint moves the song swiftly towards the spoken vocal of Lady M herself, after which the track drops to introduce it’s huge bassline. Evolving over time, the driving bass and core rhythm ensures dance floor sensibility as the melody develops and when it all comes together after the drop, it is large and deep!

Suitable for the deep house, tech house and progressive house scenes alike, Lady M’s Solitude EP is a sure bet feature for any house dj’s record collection.

Lady M – Solitude EP // Triplefire Music [TFMD030]

1 Lady M – Want Or Need
2 Lady M – A Feeling


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