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Every Monday, Miller brings you the latest news from the weekend or awesomeness in music. This week, MyCityByNight is bringing the first ever, World Wide Web tour with 3 completely different sets from two of the craziest guys in biz… Jakobsnake & Plaigarhythm aka bteam.

This mix is the combined skills and wizardy of both Jakobsnake & Plaigaryhthm. Expect a mix of in your face, unadulterated, speaker rumbling beats that will make your face melt!

bteam – We Are All Of Us!

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After – Moby (Loops of Fury mix)
We Unfold – Loops of Fury (Plump Djs mix)
Food Porn – Maral Salmassi (Lee Mortimer mix)
You Know – Marek Hemman
Power – Loopers
Steam Gun – Hard Rock Sofa, Swanky Tunes
CTRL – Lee Mortimer
Bust a Move – Groovenatics
Wasted – Royal Flavour
Murder – Compadre (Uberjacked mix)
Wild Party – Paul Meyer
Kill Humans – Dubsidia
Muzzle Idiot – Steam Dance Project
Lets Bounce – The Slag
who Are We – Nino Anthony, Mr Eyes
Raw Treatment – Disco Splatters
Blair Bitch Project – Tommy Trash
Fuck – ZXX, Paul Anthony (Marzetti mix)
Beat That Meat – Jack, Sane (Mazine Mix)
Candyman – Steff Da Campo (Ron Vellow mix)
Feelin It – Blaze Tripp
Up – Doctr
Promise me a Rose Garden – The M Machine

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