Monday Music – 16 bit Lolitas with Lucy Iris: Na na nahana

I wouldn’t normally go out on a limb trying to call the tune of this Summer given that we’re still trying to fight of Winter with a lovely global warming affected Spring. This time it’s different though- this little tune from dance act 16 bit Lolitas has been gaining momentum overseas over the past couple of months and has been used by dance masterminds like Paul Oakenfold on thousands of people on the island of Ibiza. I’ve been playing it non-stop and loving more and more with each repeat.

Na na nahana is one of those tunes that makes me picture sitting at the ocean while I sip on an ice cold beverage- you know the good life. Everything about this tune embodies Summer and I really reckon it could be one of the tunes of this Summer.

Clink clink, get me a cocktail.

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