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This week the Monday Mooiness page is graced by a fellow blogger Yolandi Malherbe aka Juicy Jemma! I for one am rather happy about her wanting to be in Playboy… Lets hope we see her in it (yes I am shallow and a boob man)!

Name? Yolandi Malherbe. Afrikaans, eh?

Nickname/s? Yolandi, Landi, Jemma or ‘wild one’..hahha! what?

Age? 24

Height? 1.73m

Eye Colour? Green

Hair? Dark brown

FaveColour? Light pink, almost like a vintage pink.

Fave Food? Ooh anything spicy!!

Fave Restaurant? Saigon and Mesopotamia.

Fave Club? Casa Blanca, hands down!

Fave Band/DJ? Tough one… I am a huge music lover! I LOVE David Guetta, Rihanna (omw, I LOVE her), Jax Panik, Alexis Jordan. The list is endless. I usually love all the latest stuff. Anything I can dance to.

Fave night out? Fridays, because then I can go BIG. But the best are usually the mid-week parties, because we know we’re not supposed to and we know how much a hangover at work sucks. But I guess that’s what just adds to the excitement!

Sexiest car? SL 55 AMG or the SL 65 AMG – equally hot panty-droppers! I need to find a man who drives one!

If you could sleep with a mooiness who would it be? Hahaha a mooiness girl? Uhm, I think Samantha Laura Kaye, Lee-Ann Roberts, Lyndall Jarvis and Candice Boucher are all very hot! The local girls have something about them.

Would you pose for Playboy South Africa?
I would definitely! In fact, I entered, so hold thumbs for me.

What has been the highlight of your career (apart from being a MyCityByNight Mooiness)?
Everything I do, no matter how small, has been hard work and I take a lot of pride in what I put in to my work. I think the highlight must be the music videos I’ve appeared in. I mean, I have had the opportunity to work with Taxi Violence, The Parlotones, Jax Panik and the award winning director, Ryan Kruger. It doesn’t get any crazier than this!

What magazine cover would you love to get?
FHM, for sure! That’s any model’s dream.

What designer/s would you most love to work with?
Gavin Rajah! I love that yellow dress he designed for Lee-Ann Liebenberg. Her ‘engagement dress’ as she calls it. Internationally, I’d LOVE to work with Roberto Cavalli, Baby Phat (Kimora Lee Simmons), or D&G.

What is your favourite city?
Cape Town, the Mother City!

Thundercats, Transformers or The Smurfs?
The Smurfs… hahaha! I’m sorry, but I hated the Transformers. Seriously?

Do you have any weird habits, charms, items or superstitions?
No superstitions at all or any lucky charms! The only thing weird about me is the fact that I cannot burp and I can lick my elbow! True story.

Which MyCityByNight crew guy would most like to touch?

I like ‘Stacky’. He seems like a smart, fun and funny guy! Just what the doctor ordered.

Hollywood, Brazilian or Fynbos?
Hahaha Hollywood!

Meat or Fish?

Dogs or Cats? Cats

What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Oi! The chicken! If the egg came first, who laid it?

Partnered up, Single or on the prowl?
Single and on the prowl. Watch out.

How would you describe yourself?
Crazy, impulsive, funny, party animal and naughty!

If you want to help Juicy Jemma become a calendar girl, then check this out…

Ok, the Rapport comp works like this (in a nutshell):
Rapport is running this major competition on the search to find 12 girls and guys for their 2012 calender. Girls/ guys send in pics of themselves in the hope to be a weekly winner. 3 Weekly winners will then go head-to-head. If you’re a winner, your pic, along with an article, will be published in the Rapport’s back page. I was a weekly winner, so now I’m up against 2 girls from previous weeks for the ‘Miss June’ spot. Should I win, I’ll go for a photo shoot at some tropical location in October with the other 11 girls and 12 guys. I think the pics will be in the Rapport once again and people can vote for their overall favourite. I’m not sure of what all the prizes are, but the guy and girl will each win a Polo.

Sooo, help make me miss June please!
Voting closes this Wednesday at midnight. Vote by sms’ing Rapport/RM3 (just that – it stands for ‘Rapport Model’ and I’m the 3rd winner) to 34260 – R2 per sms.

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  1. OMG. I saw from twitter she was a belter but I am a fu*ken boob feind…The pool pic sent me to heaven!

    thanks guys and Juicy Jemma. Lemme know if u ever need a boob massage I am great!

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