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We're going local today and bringing you the talented (and rather sizzling) Su Santos as our Monday Mooiness this week

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In our quest to find only the hottest local mooiness, who excel in the area of getting your pulse racing and heart fluttering, we’ve had to search far and wide for someone worthy of gracing your screens. Thankfully for us, we know someone who fits all of these criteria quite well and lives in the hustling, bustling city of Jozi. Ladies and Gentlemen – meet Suraya Rose Santos.

MCBN: How long have you been modelling for?

Su Santos: 6 years. Four of which have been professional (as in I get paid to do it) the other two was just when I got my first camera phone.

MCBN: We noticed that you’ve been pretty busy with exploring your acting more with the release of Free State earlier this year. Could you tell us a little bit more about the movie and your role?

Su Santos: My character in the film is a tough, strong, stubborn and rather jealous of her brother as a result she does or says something that ends with horrific consequences.

The Film “Free State” is a family drama, the drama starts off when a random act of kindness leads to an Afrikaans girl falling in love with an Indian man in 1970’s South Africa. The dramatic purpose of this story is for the audience to weight up cultural and religious structures against the fact that true love knows no boundaries or rules. The possibility of true happiness of which true love is the foundation, will always out weight the sanctions of society, governments and religion and therefore making one person’s love towards another the most powerful human experience. Even the tragic nature of forbidden love is not enough to stop good people from risking everything just for a taste of something that is bigger than them.


MCBN: Any other special skills that we should know about?

Suraya Rose Santos: I’m really good at accents.. sometimes I even forget what my natural accent is.

MCBN: While we’re finding it increasingly difficult to keep asking you these questions without mincing our words and speaking absolute gibberish, as we bask in your hotness – do you find that guys are more shy to come and chat to you, now that you’ve lit up the internet and silver screen?

Suraya Rose Santos: Ah .. I think guys were shy before all of this happened, I’ve been told that I don’t look approachable in anyway.. please,  people it’s just my face, I’m really fun once you can crack a smile out of my mean mug. (Wow that just sounded like a classifieds ad.)

MCBN: Are you single right now or is there a guy that we should all be envying?

Suraya Rose Santos: I am single but I have a cat.. okay three cats…

MCBN: What is your favourite genre of music? Are you more of a “pour some sugar on me girl” or is it a touch of Diplo electronic goodness that gets your motor running?

Suraya Rose Santos: I can’t tell you what my favourite genre is… it really all depends on my mood, what I’m feeling or what character I’m portraying. Music really sets me in another creative mental space that’s hard to just pick out one genre. But I am not going to lie, and its no secret that I am a HUGE Electronic Dance music fan, you can always catch me jumping around with the biggest smile at festivals. Otherwise in my creative space i have found myself rather addicted to Halsey’s “BadLands” album while of course mixing it up with a llittle bit of RiRi to remind myself that I’m a savage.

MCBN: And when it comes to food – what is the one dish that you could never say no to?

Suraya Rose Santos: PIZZZA!!! PIZZZA PIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZA!  The vegetarian one of course, its no fun being vegetarian without saying it at least once

MCBN: What are some of the things that you do to keep busy on the weekends and where should we be hanging out if we catch up with you?

Suraya Rose Santos: I am always busy on the weekends. Either reading new scripts or working on craft in some way. But when I take a break from those  things it’s usually centered around weekends at home with the family and lots of sleeping.. hmm.. no wonder I’m single.

Processed with VSCO with s5 preset
Processed with VSCO with s5 preset

MCBN: Do you have any major projects lined up for the next couple of months that we should know about?

Suraya Rose Santos: Yes, a few actually but I am only going to tell you about two. Leave you wanting more 😉 Currently in pre production for a film called “ American Mule” it’s a story about an ambitious young woman who dedicates herself to moving up in the ranks of a dangerous drug trade and with the help of her tough and deadly handler they move in to take over the South African drug territory. (How badass?) Also theres a VERY exciting Bollywood movie that’s currently in the works 😉 and yes I will be doing my own dancing,

MCBN: If you could have dinner with 3 people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Suraya Rose Santos: Johnny Depp, Tim Burton and of course Kurt Cobain. For no other reason then to just have a drinking competition.  Haha kidding, these three truly inspire me in every aspect from acting, what I’m looking at and lyrics to get me through a rough patch. If it wasn’t for them I would probably consider being normal, you know settle down and have kids not chase the dream.


MCBN: What the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Suraya Rose Santos: I have the most amazing friend ever , Cara Frew (this is a little shout out to you my bestie) She has honestly done so much for me but the one that I could never get over was surprising me with Tomorrowland tickets last year! It really doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

MCBN: If you had any advice for other peeps wanting to get into acting and modelling, what would that be?

Suraya Rose Santos: No is just a delayed yes, if you want something badly enough, put in the hard work and just do it! Your biggest obstacle is only yourself.

MCBN: Now for our infamous would you rather question (you’re not allowed to judge us on how we came up with these):

Would you rather play a dead club girl on CSI, bearing in mind that your only role is to literally lie there and “play dead” for 2 minutes of the episode


Instead, have to MC a teenage fan’s birthday party in a slightly suggestive hot nurse’s outfit, knowing very well that him and all his friends are basically hoping to see a boob being set free during the course of the day?

Suraya Rose Santos: Oh I am silently judging.. ahh I asked my friends to help me out with this one and they all said the second one, because I’m a huge fan of attention,  (HAHA! I gotta tell you, they ain’t wrong)

MCBN: Thanks so much for chatting to us Suraya-Rose – that was loads of fun, let’s do it again soon?

Suraya Rose Santos: Deal, only if you buy me coffee.

For more info around Suraya Rose Santos and what she gets up to, hit her up on the following social platforms:

Facebook: Suraya- Rose

Instagram: Surayar0se

Twitter: @SurayaRose

Photographers Credits:

Yuvi K Photography

Alexis Green

Amfo Connolly

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