Monday Mooiness| Rhian Sugden (NSFW)

Last week you’ll remember that we did a post featuring the exploits of a certain unbelievably hot mooiness by the name of Rhian Sugden. Rhian not only uses her super-hotness to make all the boys weak at the knees, but also to promote awareness around the male-specific cancers that exist, in a bid to keep us guys healthy by ensuring that we get ourselves checked out as often as necessary.

We managed to catch up with her over the weekend to ask her a couple of questions and bring her to you in all her glory as this week’s Monday Mooiness!!!

MCBN: Being a girl and an utter hotty (mooiness in South Africanese), why did you decide to partner with MCAC?

Rhian: With the type of modeling i do my target audience are more males, so its a perfect way to raise awareness to guys about checking themselves out and making sure everything is in order. And its a brilliant charity to be involved with if it can help to raise the awareness needed, and help men catch symptoms before its too late.

MCBN: Do you think that guys in general take enough care of their own health- especially in reference to cancer?

Rhian: I think most guys think they do, but 48 lads died of testicular cancer last year in the UK as symptoms where not detected soon enough for treatment to be successful, this number should be zero as testicular cancer is 100% curable if caught early!

MCBN: How long have you been a Page Three girl for?

Rhian: I have been a page 3 girl for The Sun Newspaper for almost 5 years now and i absolutely love it.

MCBN: Do you remember the game of Truth or Dare that we all used to play back in the day? What is the most hectic dare that you ever had to do?

Rhian: The Most hectic dare i have ever had to do was when i was younger and my friends stupidly dared me to jump off a garage roof… my legs are like spindles as it is, so jumping off a garage roof did me no favors at all. I was very badly injured for several weeks… those people are no longer my friends haha.

MCBN: What is your favourite food?

Rhian: My favourite food has to be a Sunday Roast, mash potatoes, roast potatoes, beef and all the vegetable trimmings.. then a niiiice apple crumble and custard for desert.. perfect.

MCBN: What is in your opinion, the sexiest car on the planet?

Rhian: Very random question haha… The old style Mustang is one of my favourites, in red, a bit like the one off Dukes of Hazard, that is a very sexy car.

MCBN: What is your idea of an ideal night out?

Rhian: I like doing fun things, drinking and socialising with friends is good, but if you are referring to a date with someone i like doing something random like Ice Skating or going for food, not into all the posh resteraunts though a Nandos would do me just fine, im easily pleased.

MCBN: Assuming that you are not an actual lesbian, if there was one mooiness in the world that you would sleep with, who would it be?

Rhian: Im not a lesbian no, but my mooiness crush would have to be Megan Fox.

MCBN: Do you have any weird habits, charms or superstitions?

Rhian: Weird habits, not so much, but i do have tarot readings done regularly and i must admit my lady is very good, and superstitions… if i break a mirror im doomed with bad luck for 7 years, luckily i havent done this yet. Fingers crossed! <— Oh wait theres another one.

MCBN: Pink or Brown? And we ARE talking about cake icing.

Rhian: Haha… nice try ;o)

MCBN: Thanks so much for chatting to us Rhian!! You absolutely rock our socks!!

For more pics and info please check Rhian’s website


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    1. Rhian agreed to being in the same room as us… quite mystical really. She is such an awesome girl though- very chilled. Happy we got the chance to meet her and hang out a little bit. Hope you come back soon for a holiday Rhian!! 🙂

    1. Just one of the perks of the job I guess Trevor 😉

      Thanks for the love man- we really appreciate it!

    1. Hahaha 🙂 Thanks Billy.

      Wait for Monday, we got another local mooiness that you will definitely enjoy!

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