Monday Mooiness | Malin Åkerman

It was while chilling on the weekend that I stumbled into this weeks Heat Magazine ***cough*** and saw the demise of a certain wally Lindsay Lohan (or Lilo as people in the know like to call her) that I thought to myself, why the hell has this mooiness not graced our pages!

After all, MyCityByNight are huge fans of this mooiness!

Welcome Malin Maria Åkerman.

Born May 12, 1978 (4 days after me, so therefore proof  furthermore that ’78 is a fine ass vintage), Malin is a Swedish-Canadian film actress and model.

She has appeared in such films as 27 Dresses, Watchmen, The Heartbreak Kid, Couples Retreat, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, The Bang Bang Club and The Proposal. Some a little chick flicky, but trust me, worth watching for her!

Now this is where I will really get your attention in the film department with this lovely.

She has just been added to the Inferno production, in place of Lohan (the wally). This is a film that portrays Linda Lovelace the 70s porn star. JACKPOT! HEEEEEELLLLLLOOOOO!

Here is the gallery and yes, I was kind enough to put the scene from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle in.

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  1. I tell you one thing, she’s not shy of showing skin: she’s gone starkers in Heartbreak Kid, Harold & Kumar go to White Castle and The Watchmen, just to name the three off the top of my head….

    She will definitely give Inferno horns!

    1. Personally I dont rate her hey… I thinki’m taking over mooiness of the week duties for next week- its my turn!!! 🙂

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