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This weeks Monday Mooiness is the gorgeous, Lauren Mellor, who makes a triumphant return to the MyCityByNight halls of awesome. Considering this wasn’t our first rodeo together, we thought that we would mix it up a bit and ask her something a little bit different for a change. Here’s what you need to know about one of SA’s best exports:

What does an ideal night consist of for you?
A long dinner with great food, wine and friends followed by a pub crawl around the Lower East Side.

In terms of stuff you can eat, I’m sure pizza is a big no-no if you’ve got any hope of keeping the curves in check. Are you a food nazi, or is a bit of hard work up in the gym all that we need to be in as good shape as you?
I’m terrible at watching what I eat so I go the work out route rather. I eat what I want, obviously in moderation and try get to pilates or yoga once a day.

What tune is currently on rotation on your ipod?
I’m actually in desperate need of an ipod refresh… Any recommendations.
My summer songs were Always (Classixx Remix) – Panama and The Greatest View (feat. Isabella Manfredi) – Flume

Is there anything major featuring you that we should look out for in the next couple of months?
Unfortunately nothing coming out in SA but Sports Illustrated 50th edition just came out in the states which has been really exciting.

Would you ever do Survivor or Big Brother?
The thought of knowing my every word and move is being filmed and is going to be edited by a stranger freaks the fug out of me.

If there’s thing you in your life that you could re-do what would that be?
I’ve had my ups and downs and screwed up along the way but all those bumps help make me stronger, wiser and better at living my life.

What advice could you give to other women out there who aspire to be full time models?
It’s the most unpredictable job which has no training wheels or safety guards. Being let down, disappointed and judged is part of it… However… you will see the world, meet the most extraordinary, talented, crazy people. Learn more about people, personalities and yourself than any classroom and best of all you are technically selfemployed. You are your own boss!

I pretty much pee myself when I hear Shmidt from New Girl say “Chutenay” instead of hair chutney (I don’t even know what that is), what gets you laughing?

Not only the fall but the guy after her doesn’t even look twice…

If you saw a R5 coin lying on the floor, would you pick it up (slowly)?
‘See a penny pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck’… does that apply to the Zuid Afrikaanse Rand?

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Ladies and gentlemen, Monday Mooiness, Lauren Mellor.

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