Monday Mooiness | Kathie Von Due


These days wafer thin vegan Instagram models are a dime a dozen. Thankfully for those looking for a little dose of reality there is 29 year old Kathie Von Due. Not only does this 29 year old Austrian Playmate collect and race old Porches she also has a degree in business studies, oh and naturally she’s drop dead gorgeous. No Filter required.   

MCBN: Firstly congratulations on becoming a Playboy Playmate in Germany. Has modelling for Playboy always been a dream of yours or was it more of a natural progression from glamour modelling? 

KVD: Yes it has always been a wish since I was a teenager but I was too shy to apply for it. I have done some sexy shoots before but it was my first nude & professional one with Playboy. We did the shoot near Munich and it was an amazing experience. In addition I was Playboys representative at the Octoberfest. I will never forget this exciting time where I had various appointments & got to know a lot of different people.

MCBN: How long have you been modelling and at what point did you realise that you where becoming an object of attention?

KVD: I started posting the first glamour pictures on Instagram a year and a half  ago and soon gained lots of followers. I think the reason was not just because of me or my look rather than the combination of cars-pics & a sexy girl who owns an old Porsche. I’ m a motorsport enthusiast & very keen on fast cars. I really like to go on a morning ride in summer while the rest of the world is sleeping, streets are empty and I can enjoy a beautiful sunrise in the Austrian alps, while listening to the pure sound of my flat six aircooled engine.

MCBN: As a model society considers you above the average woman. Would you say that this is true and do you think people treat you differently because of it?

KVD: I would not say that I’m “above the average woman”. I try to eat healthy, do a lot of sport and that’s the reason why I feel good in my body. In my opinion it’s all about a positive charisma and being in love with your body. Every woman can be beautiful if she is balanced and confident. With a winning smile you always feel fantastic & give the people around you a good feeling. I’m also very happy to see that also a lot of girls write and like my playboy pictures.

MCBN: In the same breath then models are often seen as ditsy or dumb. You on the other hand own a classic Porsche and seem un afraid of getting your hands dirty. Just more “real” than most of the girls out there.

KVD: Yes, that’s true – if you work as a model you will be often underestimated or seen as dumb. (I have a final degree in business administration – specialized in health management) You have to work much harder to show society that you are more than “just the blond girl with the sexy look”.

MCBN: Ok quick five questions.

Favourite travel destination: Cape Town

Beach or Snow: Beach

Lingerie or Bikini: lingerie (love black transparent or lace lingerie)

Alcohol or water: water (don’t drink alcohol a lot)

Favourite quote: be the kind of person you want to meet

MCBN: Whats next for you?

KVD: I have another shoot with Playboy in November and will then be heading to Australia for some well deserved holiday.


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