Monday Mooiness | Jade Hubner


Name? Jade Hubner

Nickname/s? Jadels

Age? 24

Height? 169cm

Eye Colour? Blue

Hair? Blonde

FaveColour?  Blue, white and black

Fave Food? Sushi and pasta

Fave Restaurant? Haiku (the one in Burg street) and Beluga in Greenpoint – Both in Cape Town

Fave Club? Hmmm don’t really have one, I only go clubbing once in a while

Fave Band/DJ? Locnville, Calvin Harris, Sketchy Bongo .

Fave night out? For me it is about who you are with, not where you are. So my favourite night out is one with good company, anywhere.

Sexiest car? Mini Cooper Countryman and a matt black Range Rover evoque

What has been the highlight of your career (apart from being a MyCityByNight Mooiness)? So far it is still winning the prestigious presenting slot on the SABC3 show, Top Billing! Within my Top Billing experience I’d have to say, snowboarding, going to Isimangaliso, fly-boarding in Zanzibar, interviewing  Henry Cavil in London and meeting certain SA celebrities, entrepreneurs and sports stars.

What magazine cover would you love to get? Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Women’s health, Runners World and Glamour magazine.

What designer/s would you most love to work with? I love working with my current stylist Jade Ashleigh who  owns The Hive. I also particularly love the outfits of the following celebrities, Bonang Matheba, Rolene Strauss and Melinda Bam. Gert-Johan Coetzee and Casper Bosman are the designers responsible for a lot of their outfits so it would be wonderful to work with them. I also would love to wear a tailored couture outfit by Ryan Keyes.

What is your favourite city? So far it is still my home town, Cape Town!

Thundercats, Transformers or The Smurfs? Definitely, Transformers!

Do you have any weird habits, charms, items or superstitions? I definitely believe in Karma, always treat people how you would like to be treated, with kindness, consideration and patience. I definitely have a few particular minor OCD habits (Okay maybe perhaps more than a few ).


Meat or Fish? Meat

Dogs or Cats: Dogs!

Who came first, the chicken or the egg? The egg

Partnered up, Single or on the prowl?  Partnered up

How would you describe yourself? I find this to always be an awkward question to answer but I would say I am quite energetic and very adventurous! I love doing nice things for other people and am an extremely passionate person. I love dogs, boxing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, dancing, singing and good food.

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