Monday Mooiness| Emke Swarts

Name? Emke Swarts

Nickname/s? Ems

Age? 22

Height? 1.7

Eye Colour? Green

Hair? Blonde

Fav Colour? Pink

Fav Food? Sushi

Fave Restaurant? Golden Fish

Fave Club? Boston T

Fave Band/DJ? Kings of Leon

Fave night out? Sushi, Drinks, dancing dancing dancing

Sexiest car? Audi TT

If you could sleep with a mooiness who would it be? My Secret

Would you pose for Playboy South Africa? No

What has been the highlight of your career (apart from being a MyCityByNight Mooiness)? One of the leads is the Stimorol Infinity Commercial.

What magazine cover would you love to get? Sports Illustrated, FHM, Cosmo

What designer/s would you most love to work with? Not that big into fashion.  Give me denim shorts and a t shirt and happy me 🙂

What is your favourite city? Defs Cape Town.

Thundercats, Transformers or The Smurfs? Not one

Do you have any weird habits, charms, items or superstitions? Other from being a bit of a perfectionist, im not superstitions or any of that stuff.

Which MyCityByNight crew guy would most like to touch? Craig Stack

Hollywood, Brazilian or Fynbos? Hollywood

Meat or Fish? Meat

Dogs or Cats: It’s a doggie dog world out there

Who came first, the chicken or the egg? Does it really matter

Partnered up, Single or on the prowl?  Very inlove with my boyfriend

How would you describe yourself? Easy going, fun and keen to try new things, see new places. The people close to me mean the world to me. Love to be active and don’t like the winter. Get me on facebook or twitter if you want to know more 🙂

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Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…

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