Monday Mooiness | Dominique Beneli Lamon

Name? Dominique Lamon
Nickname/s? Beneli
Age? 22
Height? 1.78m
Eye Colour? Blue Green 
Hair? Brunette
FaveColour? When it comes to clothes, I like to keep it neutral – black, white and grey… But in general I like all the pastel colors, especially pastel green…
Fave Food? Anything Asian! I love miso soup! 
Fave Restaurant? We are spoilt for choice with restaurants in South Africa… Locally, Cheyne’s in Hout Bay would have to be my fave though! Internationally, I love Zuma… Both Asian inspired!
Fave Club? Hmmm not the biggest club fan! I prefer the outdoor vibes! I love Ushuaia in Ibiza, it’s a party hotel & it’s all outdoor. I recently went to a club called ‘White’ in Dubai, also outdoor, which was amazing. Apparently they have one in Beirut too… And even though it’s not really a club, every body loves aSunday at Caprice during the summer months! 😉 Local is lekker!
Fave Band/DJ? Love Avicii… He produces really feel good music! As well as The Skene brothers, their mixes always get me going!
Fave night out? Any night will do! I love doing dinners, wine / champagne / cocktails at my favorite restaurant…
Sexiest car? Obsessed with the Mercedes Benz G Class SUV in black, Porsche Cayenne Turbo & new Rang Rover Sport. I like them big…
If you could sleep with a mooiness who would it be? I don’t kiss & tell… But I think Rosie Huntington Whitely is the most perfect being to ever walk this earth if that says anything… & no I’m not a lesbian!
Would you pose for Playboy South Africa? Haven’t really given that thought… 
What has been the highlight of your career (apart from being a MyCityByNight Mooiness)? Ha ha 😉 Everyday is something new & exciting, with a different highlight! I think that just getting to travel to all these different places & countries is just such a blessing in its own… I walked the Agent Provocateur show at Vogue’s Fashion Night in Milan this year, that was really amazing!
What magazine cover would you love to get? I love all of the international GQ covers… & obviously Vogue, I think every girl would love to be on the cover of Vogue!
What designer/s would you most love to work with? Karl Lagerfeld / Chanel… and Elie Saab! Oh, and definitely Victoria Secret, love their stuff…
What is your favourite city? Cape Town, always, because it’s home… and it’s paradise! But I’m crazy about traveling. I love every city for a different reason. Hong Kong is pretty high up there on my favorite city list, as well as South of France, Ibiza, Paris…
Thundercats, Transformers or The Smurfs? Transformers!
Do you have any weird habits, charms, items or superstitions? I’m petrified of the dark… and I carry a taser every where with me, not so much in Europe, but when I’m out and about in Cape Town I have it. People always laugh at me! I got attacked for my cellphone last year in SA, and that freaked the hell out of me… So my dad gave me a taser… but thanks to ‘Find my iPhone’ I got it back – yay! 🙂
Which MyCityByNight crew guy would most like to touch? No comment! 😉
Hollywood, Brazilian or Fynbos? Fynbos, ha ha… No ways! Hollywood, definitely! If I could permanently remove all the hair on my body from my chin down then I would it in a heart beat!
Meat or Fish? Fish… I’m pescetarian 🙂
Dogs or Cats: Dogs! If I didn’t travel so much, I would already have one already! 
Who came first, the chicken or the egg? Chicken! (The egg was inside of it…)
How would you describe yourself? Hard working, dedicated, ambitious, outgoing and in love with life! I can also be conservative & shy at times… Theres a time and place for everything! 

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