Monday Mooiness| Danielle Chirnside


Name? Danielle Chirnside

Nickname/s? Danieli, Dan, D

Age? 21

Height? 1.79

Eye Colour? Green

Hair? Brown

FaveColour? Blue

Fave Food That’s a tough one! I would say sushi, pizza, donuts and chocolate 😉

Fave Restaurant? Ocean Basket

Fave Club? Taboo

Fave Band/DJ? DJ FRESH!!

Fave night out? Fav night out would be karaoke at Rusty Hook

Sexiest car? Dodge Charger

If you could sleep with a mooiness who would it be? Is that one of the other girls? If so… I would say Nicole Meyer because nothing beats Sports illustrated 😉

Would you pose for Playboy South Africa? Yes definitely, not sure if I have the right stuff though but it could be fun

What has been the highlight of your career (apart from being a MyCityByNight Mooiness)? To be honest it is nothing major, although I am extremely flattered I have been considered for this, but it is just the exposure and the people that I have met along the way. Great memories and great laughs 🙂

What magazine cover would you love to get? I am a fashionista so VOGUE!!

What designer/s would you most love to work with? This is mostly implying international but the new project runway winner, Anya Ayoung Chee … so chilled yet so stunning

What is your favourite city? My favourite city has to be local and it is Durban

Thundercats, Transformers or The Smurfs? Transformers 🙂

Do you have any weird habits, charms, items or superstitions? Um.. yes I do I never write an exam or do a speech without my lucky stone, everyone that knows me knows I carry around an opal stone.

Which MyCityByNight crew guy would most like to touch? I would say Ricky Bynight, because he has the brains

Hollywood, Brazilian or Fynbos? Lol, thanks for the laugh… that I will never give away 😉

Meat or Fish? Meat

Dogs or Cats: Both

Who came first, the chicken or the egg? That’s a good one, if we had to go all technical, if you think about it God made all animals first, so I guess Chicken?

Partnered up, Single or on the prowl?  Partnered up 🙂 sorry guys

How would you describe yourself? I would say I am hard working, always keen for a good laugh but yet I have my quiet moments, I live life to the fullest, always have a smile on my face and am always making new friends

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