Monday Mooiness | Amber Elizabeth


Name: Amber Elizabeth

Nickname: Mermaid or Ambs

Age: 21 Years Young

Height: 176

Eyes: Blue/grey

Hair: Natural Strawberry blonde

Favorite colour: Turquoise/sea green

Favorite Food: Sushi or pizza (both are a win if I’m mad at you) and anything with chocolate!

Favorite Restaurant: Fiamma Grill here in ballito.

Favorite Club: Shimmy beach club in Cape Town.

Favorite band or DJ: Don’t really have a favorite… I listen to all types of music. Reggae, Rave and Hip Hop are my favorite genres.

Favorite Night Out: Favorite night out I’d say would consist of a dinner date,  drinks and some Salsa dancing after.

Sexiest car: Sexiest car…  how do I answer that one!?  My dream car would definitely be a Bentley GTC,  all black and a Mustang for the weekends!

If you could sleep with a Mooiness, who would it be?  Lol,  I’m already taken sorry girls.  Lol,  I’m already taken sorry girls.

Would you pose for Playboy SA?  No I wouldn’t.

What has been the highlight of your career? I have a few,  one of my biggest jobs I ever got starting out my career as a model was doing an ad (as a mermaid)(OMG!!!! ) for billabong,  being the face of Kangol and now the face of She Bear Underwear.  I’ve done lots of work for numerous other brands and I’m so grateful for where I’ve been thus far, I definitely look forward to the journey ahead!

What designer/s woupd you most love to work with? I want to be a Victoria’s secret angel.  Hands down that is my ultimate dream… but I’m so in love with fashion,  so Versace,  Dolce and Gabanna, Guess and Chanel would be four of my top designers to work with… and hopefully since I’ve entered the world Swimsuit Competition I’ll be on the cover of sports illustrated (so go and vote for me; ) ) I really want to win this competition, it would mean the world to me!

Favorite City?  I love cape town. South Africa is home,  but overseas,  I’d say Hong Kong!

Thundercats Transformers or the Smurfs? Why is there no star wars?!!!!

Do you have any wierd habits,  charms,  items or superstitions? I never put my handbag on the floor,  I always take the Gerkhin out my Mc Dees burgers. I have a few dream catchers around the house and I’m not sure if it’s wierd but every night before I go to bed I click almost every bone in my body!! It’s quite a bad habit I suppose,  but it helps me relax.

Which my City by night crew guy would you most like to touch?  Once again,  I’m taken boys.

Hollywood, Brazilian or Fynbos?  Hollywood!!

Meat or fish? Meat!!

Dogs or cats? Dogs and cats…I’m an animal lover.

Which came first the chicken or the egg?  The chicken?  Haha how else would the egg arrive?  Or… wait,  what?

Partnered up,  single or on the prowl? : Partnered up!!

Describe yourself: I’m a very relaxed,  chilled person,  I love to have a good laugh! I’m easy going…  I absolutely love the beach (I am a mermaid after all) I love surfing…  I’m a little bit of a tomboy sometimes too. I really enjoy playing ps4,  call of Duty and Mortal Kombat are my favorites.  Occasional paintball games…  Star WARS!!!!!  Marvel Movies…  I’d love to attend Comic Con!  I’m an absolute sucker for love and anything romantic. I love music and dancing. I’m super creative… I try paint and sketch as often as I can. I love Children,  I want 4 of my own one day! I’m Cancerian,  so I have a little bit of a hard shell but once you get to know me I’m all soft and mushy on the inside.  ❤

Instagram handle – Ambs.Elizabeth
Facebook handle – Amber Elizabeth
Work swimsuit voting link –

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