Mobb Deep Tour South Africa as part of Sprite Uncontainable

sprite uncontainable mobb deep

We’ve received word that Sprite will be bringing out the legendary hip hop act  Mobb Deep and creators of the anthem “Shook Ones” as part of a one night only SA tour on August 29th at Zone 6 Venue as part of the Sprite Uncontainable Hip Hop talent search that is currently underway.

Sprite Uncontainable has strived to source the “next best thing” in the fields of graffiti, emceeing and dance with the winner being announced after a final battle at Zone 6 at the end of August. Supporting the likes of Mobb Deep on the night will be the likes of K.O., Reason, Revivolution, Vigi, STTS, Mr. X, Capital and I.D. Since releasing their debut album Juvenile Hell in the early 90’s, Prodigy and Havoc have been a mainstay of the hip hop scene, inspiring many other young rappers who grew up listening to them on the East Coast of the US.

If you were a hip hop head growing up and still have a love for proper flow, then this is the event for you. From all accounts pre-sold tickets will be going for R100, while buying them at the door will set you back R120.

For more info head over to the SPRITE FACEBOOK PAGE.

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