MMD Fierce Creatures |Review

While driving into one of the most picturesque sunsets, for some reason all I could think about was the sunrise. From 05:30am on Sunday and onwards, was a one of a kind morning into afternoon line up that had me praying for some sort of time travelling device to hurry time up to this momentous occasion. Anesthetic, Zion Linguist, Deviant Species, Deliriant, Rubix Qube & Lunar, Super Evil, On, Plusminus, Hydraglyph and last but not least Regan. In that order, repeating through my mind, over and over! MMD has never failed on bringing the freshest music along with a line up that could rival any international party. This year they had secured Deviant Species as the main act who I have been following for a while now. I knew we were in for great party as soon as we had passed through the gates and had poured our first drinks with the heavy basslines resonated through the party.

Walking onto the dance floor to EMP is always a treat, with his very unique blend of craziness along with that distinct EMP sound – he got things going very nicely. Myzo, as she did on New Years, got the dance floor stomping solidly with her harder, darker style of psy leading us through the midnight hours. The dance floor was ready for anything and the weather was great, the stars were out and there were smiles spread across the dance floor.

Dirty Motion, these guys need no introduction – They came firing and decided to turn things up a notch. They seriously know how to literally turn the dance floor upside down. Some of the dance moves and face people were pulling during this set was at the same time entertaining as they were scary, haha. Archive always seems to do things proper when he steps up behind the decks. I have become accustomed his those hard relentless basslines  only Archive has packed away deep in his record bag. Obviously with a pinch of twisted psy thrown in here and there to ensure an hour that would punish any dance floor. Things became a little bit of a blur and the next thing I knew, the sun was up – this is what I had been waiting for.

Anesthetic stepped up and brought that awesome full on psycadelic sound that I have been getting used to with the sunrise sets lately as he brought the sunrise in perfect style. Zion Linguist got my ears itching and ready for Deviant Species as he dropped some new tracks I haven’t heard from him, I’m not sure if that was his new production or just some new tunes he has been collecting along the way but it was insane, a very sick set indeed.

Deviant Species began setting up his equipment, my excited had a reached an all time new level… When I saw Scorb a few years back at Alien Safari his sound grew on me and since then have been a huge fan. As soon as Deviant Species first bassline dropped I couldn’t leave the dance floor (he treated us to bassline after bassline of some sheer terror, the dance floor was vibrating). There was no way I was leaving the dance floor, I was fully absorbed with excitement and a new found energy. We were treated to a full LIVE set as well as a DJ set of deep thunderous basslines and some insane full on psy.

By now, the sun was out and the temperature had reached over 30 degrees… I thought I was in for some serious dehydration, not wanting to swim and all. Think again, MMD to the rescue (and this is always appreciated by trancers). They had erected a misting system over the dance floor, keeping everyone cooled throughout the day. After Deviant Species, Deliriant was up. He recently released a track before the event that he thought would be a good little teaser for everyone going to the party. I knew his set was going to be full power and after listening to this track it became clear that his set was going to be pretty much like New Years all over again, only difference is that this time it was at 10am and not 2am. Unfortunately for me, his set seemed to come and go within seconds and before I knew it Rubix Qube & Lunar were about to drop their first track. With Rubix Qube’s recent release of his EP – Saturate I was hoping to hear one or two of those tracks he had just finished on a proper rig. I remember clearly hearing both Saturate and T.I.A (which is a collaboration with Lunar) and I must say, this was one of the sets of the party for me.

Picture by Kerri Howell

At this stage the dance floor had double in size and the pool was over flowing with people trying to cool off from the insanely hot weather we were trying to with-stand. My personal favourites for 2010/2011 – Super Evil stepped up, strumming some cords, testing the sound as Rubix Qube & Lunar were ending things off. You could hear the cheers get louder, the front of the dance floor pack out. It was time. Jimmy and Adriano got up and did what they do best… DESTROY dance floors. With Jimmy’s technical abilities behind the decks and Adriano’s insane talent with the guitar and all round stage presence, Super Evil are the LIVE set Cape Town have been missing for so long. The crowd was eating it up, the energy levels were at an all time high and even more so than the previous night. The volume was almost making my whole body vibrate, I couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday. Or could I have?

Picture by Kerri Howell

With On, Plusminus, Hydraglyph and Regan still lined up, it could definitely get better. I was once again mesmerised by sheer brilliance that is ON! Bruce and Stomps for those that have never heard them before, DJ together as ON and produce some high powered beats. ON used to be on the line up at almost every party back in the day and it was great to see them back in action. Plusminus came on with a very different sound, a great sound to jam too, perfect for the time they were playing and still pounding on that abnormally loud rig. These guys are super sick and MCBN have always loved their style. I would seriously love to hear some production from the guys from Plusminus SOON!

The rest of the event was spent in the car trying to clear my head of the thoughts of the family braai I was going to attend later after the party… Thanks again to MMD, Lyle, all the DJ’s( the music was top stuff), the sprinkler system (you made my day) and everyone at the party, it was seriously one of those parties where you leave smiling knowing you have had one of the most awesome times with some great people. To all the new people I partied with as well as all usual friendly faces. It is always a pleasure.

All other photos courtesy of Ty Rannosaurus Rex: (click here for more)

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