MMA Fighter Smashes Ring Girl In The Face After Losing

MMA Fighter Smashes Ring Girl In The Face After Losing


Nobody likes to lose (unless you’ve got someone to place a bet on you fluffing it, without anyone knowing), but sometimes as a professional sportsperson it’s vitally important to keep your cool even in defeat. Unfortunately, the dude in this short video did the complete opposite and ended up smashing one of the ring girls right in the kisser after finding out that he had lost.

Obviously the losing fighter was under the impression that he had done enough to win the fight and let rip with a punch in frustration, not really taking much note of who was standing around him. Unfortunately he clocks the ring girl who is standing right behind him with devastating effect.


Yowzers. It’s a bit of a shame that we don’t get to see more of the video and find out whether the girl survived the ordeal – I mean it was basically right in the throat. Damn – hope she’s ok.

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