MK Elektro debuts tonight

We are big fans of electronic music here at MyCityByNight and up until this point there really hasn’t been anywhere other than the digital realm to find out about what is happening in the local scene. That’s all about to change with the debut of MK Elektro tonight on MK.

The show flights every Thursday evening and will feature everything you would come to expect from a MK show- crazy interviews (1 or 2 will feature the MCBN boys I’m sure), dance festival reports and pretty much everything inbetween. What is going to set this show apart from any others that we’ve seen in the genre, is the open cards style that it will be shot in. I’m sure you can look forward to some rather candid interviews with dj’s after their sets and chats to fans chomping at the bit (literally, cos they’re all rushing).

Over time, electronic music has become more mainstream and what MK Elektro does is give a platform to local producers, fans and organisers to be showcased on. No holds barred, craziness- exactly what we love about electronic music.

Catch MK Elektro on DSTV channel 324, Thursdays at 21:00.

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