Mix of the Day | Venture’s Exclusive MyCityByNight Mix

Mix of the Day | Venture’s Exclusive MyCityByNight Mix

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Soundcloud: venturemusicza
Facebook: www.facebook.com/venturemusic/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/venturemusic/


Venture. A project started through the fusion of foundational house and minimal techno by Adam Spence & James Macpherson respectively. Deeper synths, revolutionary melodies and a passion for electronic music has played a pivotal role in the customization and design for the Venture sound.

Influences drawn from the Brazilian soundscapes, have allowed them to lead the way in crafting their production in such an original manner, that it has landed them slots at two of South Africa’s leading electronic music festivals; Ultra South Africa in Cape Town, Rezonance Festival, as well as playing Sweet Nothings at District Night Club and sharing a line-up with Brazilian Bass heavyweights, Alok & Bhaskar at the world renowned ERA Night Club.

In just under a year, Venture’s productions have placed them at the very top of their niche. From regular features on 5FM by DJ’s such as Das Kapital, Kyle Cassim, Pascal & Pearce and Yeti, to collaborations with Seloak (Eyroba), Damian Yoko (Underground Culture) & Get Human (Go To Work) to being a constant fixture on the acclaimed Brazilian Techno Music label and to recently being signed to Warbeats Records with their upcoming EP “Horror”, it’s easy to see that this is just the beginning of this venture

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