Mix of the Day | Sunday Edition Selections x Altos: Mix005 presented by HOURS

Rose Bonica and Deep Aztec are two artists we hold in high esteem for their solo work, so seeing them come together during lockdown to create the ‘Hours’ project, we couldn’t be happier. Hours isn’t just Deep Aztec and Rose Bonica whispering sweet nothings to each other. They also make bangers. Lucky for us, they like to sit on their bed and make music together. Check out the tracklist and the debut Hours mix for Sunday Edition series!

“We’ve been listening to it on repeat and think it’s the perfect remedy for any lockdown blues!”

Rose Bonica – Tears For The Tea Maker (Tropical Bbz)
Hours – Running Blind
Hours – ???
Hours – U Do U Boo
Deep Aztec – Flute Symphony
Deep Aztec – Dirty Rave
Hours – Time Without You
Deep Aztec – Never Gonna Stop
Mx Blouse – Piesang Kop (Rose Bonica Remix)
Rose Bonica – Life Gets Too Loud
Rose Bonica – I Just Don’t Like You
Deep Aztec – Sorry (I Know)
Rose Bonica – What Have You Done With My Ocean Eyes

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