Mix of The Day | Rose Bonica | Upperberry Vibrations Live Set

Rose Bonica


Rose Bonica – a name that exudes power and grace simultaneously and the two key characteristics that can be felt in her music. Her hard-hitting drums are ornamented with the most splendid pads and arps, creating a sound that is a beautiful oxymoron in itself.

Bonica is affiliated with Wet Dreams Recordings and she has done quite a number of impressive things with the label in 2018. Her track ‘Keep Stealing Men’s Dreams’ sat on Breaking Electronic (an Apple Music playlist) for more a couple of months. In her catalogue, you’ll find a combination of Electronic elements such as House, a bit of Techno, and other aspects I can’t actually describe but can truly feel.

Rose Bonica

Her impressive rise through the Cape Town music scene has been prominent through her continuous raw and infectious releases, coupled with her dark and energetic creative side, it’s easy to see why she is landing herself on some of the biggest festival line ups in the country.

Today, Bonica‘s latest mix which has been released on the international platform Upperberry Vibrations is our official ‘Mix of The Day.’ The hour-long audio journey features both local and international artists and is a recorded live set. Turn up the volume and enjoy below.

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