Mix of the Day | Remember The Morning – May 2014 (Live Mix)

Mix of the Day | Remember The Morning – May 2014 (Live Mix)

These two out of control musos have travelled a long road. A road that can only be walked if the base of the reason is about the music and the music alone. With a long combined history in the industry, both behind the scenes and on stage, these two live it to reach a dream of living by it.

Craig’s super phat production is down to a mix of DJ’ing on vinyl from a young age, building speakers with his pops as a kid, a supremely precise ear and an immense fascination with sounds and the ability to manipulate them to replicate the madness in his mind.

Marcia’s vocals are unique in the fact that she’s explored the realm of sound and thinks of her voice as more of an instrument instead of a feature of the tunes. During their live sets she leaves much to improvisation, barring their own produced tracks, and tries to fall into a space with the audience whereby rational thought flies out the window and all that is left is the moment and the energy surging through the crowd.
Both their lives have led them to a point of synergy and the road forward appears open wide, with both artists being big supporters of experimenting with sound and the endless possibilities that seem available to them. Keep a close watch on these two as they start their journey into the unknown, and feel rest assured that this story has only just begun.

Tk1: Debal Sommer
Tk2: Oliver Huntemann
Tk3: Remember the Morning
Tk4: Solid Snake
Tk5: Perfect Stranger
Tk6: Andrea Roma

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