Mix of the Day | Raw Sessions 002 Feat Black Chef

We very recently got introduced to the name Black Chef and we couldn’t be happier. The Lesotho born, Industrial Techno DJ has found his way onto the MyCityByNight mix of the day column with this fantastic mix bringing you to the front of the dancefloor, with bomb after bomb.

Black Chef is a late 90s kid from Lesotho, who moved to South Africa in 2007. A new Kid in Electronic Scene(TECHNO MUSIC SCENE)who Has been a music freak at an early age but never had a chance to be fully in music industry till 2016. He started Djing House Music & Ampiano (new House Subgenre formed in South African dusty Townships) and a year later was introduced to Techno Music by his newly Brother Tshepo “Pinch” Sesing and Nicolas “Rejazzsa” Molakoane, and fell in love with Techno. In 2018, he started to produce and met producers like Lerato “Laturn” Mokoena to show him what is what in production world and the journey Started as 3 EPs and few remixes have been done for few Labels in Central America and Europe.

He is currently a Resident DJ at Techno Connection UK (Online Radio) every Wednesday.

Black Chef loves it DARK, HARD & RUMBLING.

MC: https://www.mixcloud.com/blackchef
BP: https://beatport.com/artist/black-chef/744063
FB https://facebook.com/Blackcheftechno
Insta: https://instagram.com/blackchef_23
Twitter: https://twitter.com/blackchef_12

Tracklist for Black Chef mix
1.YÅ – Attention
2. 6EJOU – Rave for sinners
3. ISH11 – Damage system
4. T+Aria – L02 (Santa Sanctorum remix)
5. T+Aria – R01 (Macro Assembler remix)
6. AD+AM – Orwellian Nightmare
7. X23 – Gestures
8. D.N.S – Schmack
9. GIJENSU – Red tooth district
10. HADONE – Hate after midnight (Mannie Dee remix)
11. KOZLOV – Coronavirus
12. NTBR – No signal
13. SCALAMERIYA – Juggernaut
14. SCALAMERIYA – Plothole
15. NonPlus – Occult (FOGG remix)
16. MICKEY NOX – Six feet chain
17. I HATE MODELS – Intergalatic Emotional Breakdown
18. WHOMAN – Bones (KHALLIF Live remix)
19. SCALAMERIYA – Vicious remedy
20. ALIGNMENT – Infinity
21. ALESSANDRO NERO – Sleep is the cousin of death
22. KANDER – Imminent
23. MISS DJAX vs JUNK PROJECT – Acid queen (PETduo industrial remix)
24. MISS DJAX vs JUNK PROJECT – Acid queen (RESISTOHR remix)
26. MOTH – Vertige
27. TAQT – Frozen axons (Kenny Campbell stripped bare remix)

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